Most Common Gym Mistake That You Should Avoid

gym mistake

These days people are becoming more and more health-conscious and the effect is quite visible in gyms, the strength of people is increasing in gyms though government has installed open gym in all the parks still the gyms are in demand, the main reason is, in gyms one works under the guidance of instructor whereas in open gym you do whatever you like and make many mistakes and then instead of benefit to health it shows negative effect.


If truly one wants to build the body as per one’s requirement, then for this kind of work out a trainer is required and for this gyms are the best. But very often people make a few blunders, and then instead of positive benefit on the body, it shows a negative effect. Hence, certain mistakes are highlighted, such that one can take care of in gyms.

Some mistakes often are done by people

Gym mistake #1: Not Warming Up

Always make it a practice to warm up the body before going for gym exercises. In the gym, the warm-up can be done on a treadmill, start the session with a five-minute jog on it with medium intensity, increase the flexibility in muscles for exercise.

The stretching is required because if we do the workout with stiff muscles then it may tear just like cold plasticine. But, warming up makes the entire body malleable and flexible, means with less wear and tear of muscles and shows better performance.

Gym mistake #2: You Don’t Have A Plan

Sometimes people join the gym only for fun sake, no agenda and goal behind it. They have no plans. There is a saying beating about the bush, man visit a gym, sees a bench-press (upper bodyweight exercise); does few sit-ups; does a press-up; stroll around a bit; play with his phone; does a few more exercise on the bench press and then moves out.

Though it sounds understandable, having a fitness plan always works in getting fit; Good to have one session with a personal trainer where one can discuss the goals and then proceeding with it.

Gym Mistake #3:  Inattentive With Deadlift

Deadlift is a fantastic training exercise in which weight bar is lifted from the ground for building full-body strength, but it is not meant for beginners because initially, they don’t need to work on that, but a lot of guys who are physically unfit with body shape wants to lift heavyweight and unfortunately injure their backs by grabbing it soon.

Harry (a gym trainer) recommends this deadlift initially should be 50% of one’s body weight for two sets of 10 reps, twice a week. Then gradually it should be increased to match its own bodyweight.  By maintaining this proportion one will avoid the alarming backache for which many men suffer with.

Gym Mistake #4:  Supervision is a must

It is always recommended to perform all the gym exercises under the trainers’ supervision as the trainer will catch hold of the wrong practice and can help to work out in the right direction. But without someone watching out, it’ll be impossible to pin down the problems.

To improve health & Fitness, one needs to be pushed to failure. Never feel embarrassed for supervision. It is a sign of weakness if one is doing so.

Gym Mistake #5: Unstable body during weight lifting

The main attraction of the gym is the weight lifting, but the weight should be lifted with arms, not the whole body swings; this is totally against fitness. Most commonly seen are the bicep curls rather than lifting with arm, one starts swinging with back to lift the weight up, this will lose the control and one is at the risk of injury.

If one feels that can’t lift with 100% control, then don’t try to push yourself. It is fine, better try it next time rather than never.

Gym Mistake #6: Best time for Carbohydrate diet

Every time thinking to avoid carbs is not good. It is also required by our body but at the right time. If one is consuming them at night before bed, then, of course, it will be harmful as that time it will get converted and store in the form of fats. The best time is in the morning at breakfast time.

Harry suggested eating the majority of carbs in the morning or directly after exercise, is beneficial as it will be used as an energy source to avoid extra weight.  In the night it is better to stick on whole grains (proteins).

Gym Mistake #7: Roadway to Progress

Lots of beginners and also more experienced people (gym-goers) sometimes fail to track everything.

If one is keeping thorough track on the gym exercises, weightlift, number of reps, number of sets, kinds of exercises, etc. Keep a complete record of information. In this way, one can adjust and increase workout comfortably. It looks kiddish but is necessary. Take your own selfie and then track your progress.  If one finds no change after a month of training, then one can bring out the changes in it.

Gym Mistake #8: You’re Not Getting Enough Protein

It is very important to know that only exercises cannot make one to reduce weight. Diet is equally important, how much protein is required by one’s body needs to be known for making muscles stronger and quick recovery efficiently.

Quantity of proteins required is 2 grams per KG weight of body weight. So a 50kg man should ideally consume 100g of protein every day, suggested by Harry (a gym trainer)

Gym Mistake #9: Not Resting Enough

Sleep is very essential as the proper muscular growth happens during sleep, so one needs to sleep at least six hours at night but eight is good.

Gym Mistake #10: Focus on Cardio

The heart is the most important organ and should be taken care of, one cannot do anything injustice with the heart. Cardio is crucial so, one should practice at least 30-minute jogging before going for heavy squats, as it may increase the heart rate and sometimes can prove fatal too. Hence, it is always better to get heart activated gradually in terms of heartbeat and also to perform the best in a gym with good results.

“Avoid Mistakes for Best Gain”


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