How Do You Motivate A Person to Quit Smoking


Smoking as we all know that injurious to health. There are so many people around us who wants to quit smoking but they are not able to do it. Well there is a need of lots of care and patience if you are helping a person to quit smoking. Now you can start with some simple steps so that you can motivate a person to quit smoking

Convince them you would like them to quit   

About 75% of people who smokes wants to quit , so you just need to push you beloved one who is considering it. First of all you should talk to them calmly and talk them about quitting whether they want to quit or not. You need to tell them that you are worried about  them and you would like them to quit. Every smokers knows that smoking is dangerous but if somehow your beloved don’t know about then you need to educate them about the harm of smoking. But make sure that you are not pressurizing them and give the couple of days after the conversation.

Ask about the reason why they want to quit        

You need to ask your beloved one that what are the reason that he/she has made the decision of quitting smoke. Every smokers has their own reason to quit. Some quit for health issues, some for financial reasons, some take decision for the concern  of their family member. tell them the benefit of quitting. You can also give them some firm reason to quite so they can be convinced more. Appreciate them to list out the reasons of quitting. this list will definitely help them to quit smoking.

Now understand the reason that why it is hard for them to quit       

There are smokers who feels that they can be trolled by their friends to give-up, some thinks that if they quit smoking they will gain the weight, It can be also possible that they have tried it before but failed to do it. It gives them feeling that they cannot do it , you need to help them to raise their willpower. But the most important is to address their issues and listen to their reasons calmly.

Make them assure that you will always support them

Quitting smoking is a brave decision and it is traumatic experience. If a smoker is worried  then it will be difficult for him to quit. So you have to convince them that you are always with them, whether they  make decision of quitting or not. You need to be prepare yourself to handle the situation whatever decision they will take

If they make decision of not quitting give them space

It is the inner willpower of a smoker which leads him to quit or not. Decision of not to quit is easy for them. So you need to give them sometime and feel satisfied that at least they have consider quitting. Don’t put pressure on them. You need to understand that why it is hard for them to quit. Encourage them but don’t force them to quit.

If they decide to quit, help them        

If they have taken the decision that they want to quit then , you should appreciate them. You should try to help them. This is the initial step to quit smoking and your appreciation and support will give them strength to stick to that decision. Remember that if you are not smokers so you cannot imagine how difficult it was for them to take the decision of quitting , so always be patient and motivate them regularly.


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