Mumbai Havoc? Why Mumbai officials never learn from previous mistakes?

Mumbai Havoc Why Mumbai officials never learn from previous mistakes
Mumbai Havoc Why Mumbai officials never learn from previous mistakes

Long queues; heavy, immobile and non-navigable traffic on road; maddening rush at the train stations; and jams everywhere on the road, well, this happens to be the everyday Mumbai story.

Give or take, a little bit of 468 mm of heavy rainfall, catastrophicenough to leave our poor Mumbaikars stranded on roads, train stations, railway tracks, theirabominable offices and even Ganapati Pandals for that matter.

Thanks to the five day Ganesh Chaturthi vacation that children and college going young-adults were at home (probably) otherwise it would have been a heck load of problem with school buses contributing to the jam.

On the 5th day of Ganesh Chaturthi,Mumbai Expected: Ganesh Visarjan, Mumbaikars Witnessed: Mumbai Visarjan!

Who to blame?

The Bappa or the BMC officials lazily eating Gol-Gappa?

The point of blaming and name shaming stands moot because we have lost so much. Twelve years ago we had faced a same problem and still…after these many years if wehaven’tlearnt, there happens to be no scope for us…plastically no scope (got the pun?)

Various low-lyingareas were nearly submerged and along with that were the hopes of the people that hoped, ‘Kabhitoh BMC raaj main acche din aaenege.’

While various Gurudwara’s, volunteers from various NGO’s and also those Mumbaikars deemed SAFE BY FACEBOOK were busy sending Wattsapp messages and also Posting Facebook Posts’ and asking stranded Mumbaikars to take shelter in their homes…where was the BMC?

How many BMC officials were stranded in their office? Where were they collaborating?

Well, they actually had set up various NUMBERS for stranded, hungry, agitated and battery-less or maybe network-less commuters to CALL THEM. CALL UPON THEM AT THIS HOUR OF NEED.

They were busy doing damage control, creating some gossip for the media to feed.

Why Mumbai officials never learn from previous mistakes?

End of discussion.

You need to work, to do something in order to be ELIGIBLE enough for someone to point out A MISTAKE in your work. You need to do something right? Well, I guess this thought slipped out of the minds of beloved officials and this led to some serious DAMAGE CONTROL measures to be taken by the Mumbaikars itself.

For, who will help them, if they themselves will stand as bystanders in the shaming play of their own destruction?

Mumbaikar’s did what they had to!

They took shelter at people’s house to survive the day and even THE night, the ate meals provided by volunteers, they survived… some people helped others in whatever way they could.

Now after the ordeal is over, they will ASK. Ask questions and DEMAND answers as to where did they go wrong? Where did the officials go wrong? What went wrong?

Or was anything right from the beginning?

The roads filled with death-traps in the names of potholes, choked up gutter lines which give reverse flow and spill out sewage water during water logging and an amicable task force that may or may not pay attention to all these issues after some instant damage control and the calming down act of Mumbaikar’s who will:

Start a new and a fresh

Forever help the one’s in flesh

Will go on with their lives

Till another calamity strikes


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