MUMBAI RAINS: 6 Hours Continuous Rain Has Drowned Maharashtra’s Capital

Mumbai Rains

Mumbai Rains: Mumbaikar’s had not even moved on after facing nature’s wrath last month, and the 6 hours continuous rain has again tormented them. The entire city seems to have paralyzed after the suspension of local train services which is considered the backbone of the capital.

IMD recorded the Second Highest Rainfall of the Season

Yesterday’s downpour, which started at 8:30 and ended at 2:30, has affected the entire city with the suspension of transport services which is somehow manageable.  The severe impacts of the heavy rains are visible in the accidents and deaths of numerous people.

According to the IMD records the city observed 206.6mm rain which is considered very heavy, and it became the second-highest rainfall of this monsoon season after the 1-2 July incident when the department recorded 375mm downpour.

Impacts of Mumbai Rains

The Mumbai rains of Wednesday have resulted in the death of BMC labourers who were working in Goregaon. A seven-year boy is reported to have died; he is believed to have fallen into an open gutter of Nalasopara.

The continuation of the flood has yet not ended as the MET Department as warned about Today’s authorities and people for the remarkably heavy rains.The Mumbai people who live at riversides are not getting relief as they are tired of evacuating their places. The heavy rainfall has led to the overflow of Mithi River, and the 500 people of Kurla and 900 of Andheri East have abandoned their sites.

Celebrities Shared Some Clips of Mumbai Rains On Social Media

We usually believe that the high profile people are safer when it comes to nature’s wrath, but the latest posts of highly esteemed celebrities like Bhumi Pednekar and Vicky Kaushal have proved us wrong. The actress has recently shared some videos on her Instagram where her car could not move on a water-logged road as she was heading for the shoot of her upcoming movie.

The actress shared the impacts of Mumbai Rains as she had to reach Kholpoli for the shoot, but had to spend more than 4 hours in the car. She wrote, “Been on the road since 1..en route Khopoli to shoot. Where there is a will…”

National awards winner actor Vicky Kaushal also joined her on social media and shared a video of the blocked road as he too had to cross a water-logged road in his journey.


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