Mumbai: The watchman Building beats up the Mumbai Stray Dog

mumbai stray dog

We meet stray dogs everywhere around us and never bother to give a few seconds to acknowledge their existence as our fellow creatures. This is the reason why a watchman as per instructions has mercilessly beaten up a Dog. It is the rainy season and the Mumbai stray dog was just seeking shelter from the rain while the building watchman started beating him in a manner that no other animal would dare to enter the complex. This incident, just like many others of animal torture would have gone unnoticed if the building CCTV Cameras would not have captured it.


The poor stray dog is now struggling for his life in Coma, Aren’t we left with humanity?

Cruelty on animals is no surprise for people like us, and it will continue until we initiate to take actions. Can you even guess what has happened to the Mumbai stray dog? He is brutally beaten up and has got head and abdomen injuries. He is in a coma and is struggling with his life. Right now, we can pray for the dog, but for the people who send him in such a critical condition. How do we call them human beings?

Thank heaven! We still have some activists fighting for animal rights. Would they be able to bring peace?

The incident took place on 24th of June during heavy rain when the Mumbai stray dog entered the building complex for shelter, but one of the residents was so frustrated that he instructed the building watchman to thrash him out and beat severely. The watchman thus hit him brutally. After watching him in the helpless condition, the activist named Jayesh Shah admitted him to the veterinary hospital where he has slept into the coma.

The animal rights activist named Vijay Mohanani had to make efforts to file a complaint against these two at Worli police station. It took me 8 hours to file the complaint, says Mohannai. The accused were freed in just twenty minutes according to him. The video from the CCTV is now viral along with the tweets of Anushka Sharma, John Abraham, Sonam Kapoor and many more.

Celebrities like Anushka Sharma and Sonam Kapoor are requesting for justice and a better system to protect animal lives.


We know how our celebrities love dogs and other animals. Some of them are the promoters and ambassadors of animal protection rights. They have not disappointed us. Being the social influencers, they have raised their voice in favor of this Mumbai Stray Dog, now called Lucky.

Everyone else is critiquing these people for their heinous crime. “Why could not they offer a little space during rain?” This question is buzzing everywhere on social media. So, what answer does our society has for the above question?

These are the social issues and our society would take time to recover. It needs constant efforts from our side. But the steps that need to be taken urgently is by the govt. in order to protect animals such as Mumbai Stray Dog. The animals are protected under the PETA act. But there seems to be no fear of punishment, and that is why we encounter such incidents. We need to have strong rules and regulations to protect our fellow creatures unless we would soon be surrounded by machines.


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