Mystery of Teeths Solved in Chennai

mystery of teeths

A strange incident of the mystery of teeth came into focus on Wednesday 30th July, a 7-year-old boy Ravindranath had a mysterious story of his teeth. He had swollen right cheek and parents thought like a symptom of decayed tooth. When he was 3 years old his parents had noticed some swelling, took him to the doctor and when he was asked to get some tests done, then the parents ignored by thinking that when as he will grow things will be fine.  His father, S. Prabudoss a sales executive at the private firm took the matter seriously when his son started reporting pain in the right side of the mouth as the swelling continued over the next four years, and then parents were worried thought it could be cancer. Eventually took him to Saveetha Dental College and Hospital. After a sequence of tests X- rays and CT scans, Dr. Senthilnathan said that the mystery of teeth has been resolved and the boy is having several tiny teeth growing inside the right side of the lower jaw. It was hard to convince parents for the surgery but anyhow the surgery was fixed on 11th July. This remarkable surgery happened at Saveetha Dental College and Hospital in Chennai, India. A bag like mass was removed from the left side of the lower jaw and his healthy teeth were left behind. The bag weighed almost half a pound. Inside the bag were 526 tooth-like structures.

In medical terminology, it was a “compound odontoma” in the boy’s mouth. It took approximately five hours of careful searching to remove every single extra tooth. The sizes of teethes varied from 1mm to 15mm and resembled a tooth with a crown covered by enamel and a root-like structure. It was a challenge for doctors too, as they had never seen such patient earlier, unlike anything even it was a mystery of teeth for the doctors too. “This mysterious box of miniature teeth is a jewel on our crown,” doctors said.

Dr. Ramani, a dentist said he has never seen such case earlier but in 2014 Mumbai too had a case of mystery of teethes, at that time doctors had removed 232 teethes from the mouth of a teenager.

Doctors also said the permanent teeth are coming out in Ravindranath but he may not have two molars on his right lower jaw. But this can be implanted at the age of 16 to 17 years old.

Though, doctors were not able to answer the exact cause of it, only suspected that it could be due to some strong genetic problem or could also be due to environmental factors like radiations coming from mobile towers or so.

After this mysterious case then doctors of Saveetha Dental College screened 250 people living close to mobile tower and out of those in 10% people the alteration in the cells were observed which could cause the limited or unlimited multiplication of cells and would lead to any of the diseases depending upon the weak point of the bearer.

Still, the research is going on to observe the linkage between the radiation tower and altered cells in human beings.

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