Myths and Misconceptions about Sex

myths & misconceptions about sex

Myths and misconceptions about sex:-

Desire to do sex is an instinct of nature. Many of us face doubts about having sex and related matters, but the subject of sex is so personal to oneself that discussing anything about sex with doctor or a friend is full of shyness. Such lack of knowledge may lead to serious consequences such as occurrence of sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancies. In the dearth of knowledge about the subject, we mostly take the route of internet to search our answers.  However, it is not always advisable to fully trust these web based information as the subject demands updated information which may not be available anywhere. Still as a reference material for your knowledge, we have culled out some famous and important myths about sex and the reality of these myths.

It is usually the impression that the risk of being infected by STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) increases by  using a common toilet: Guys, please make it clear that there is no scientific background in favour of this myth. The microorganisms which are responsible for causing STDs  cannot survive in the cold temperature of the bathroom  for long.

One cannot become pregnant while having sex during periods: Sometimes the females which have longer periods are at risk of getting pregnant while having sex during periods. The process overlaps the start of ovulation for the next monthly cycle. So never assume that having unprotected sex during periods cannot harm you.

Birth control pills cause increase in body weight: Actually not. Studies have been conducted in this regard but no such evidence has been  found. Though the weight of some subjects under research was found to increase but that could not be scientifically attributed to Birth control pills.

Vaccination against HPV provide 100% protection against Cervical cancer: Vaccination against the Human Papilloma Virus can significantly reduce the chances of occurrence of Cervical cancer though it does not provide foolproof protection against the disease.

One cannot get STDs while having oral sex: Having unprotected oral sex can also be a cause of STDs. So be careful and don’t risk yourself to STDs due to lack of knowledge.

Catching an STD does not mean the end in itself: Most of the STDs have cure available for them. Take precaution though that you did not suffer one but do not panic if some misfortune targets you. You can get out of it.

Never feel shy to take a doctor’s advice with regard to having any doubt about your sexual life.



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