NDA Minister Jagmeet Singh Impressed Netizens With His Quick Response To A Canadian Voter

NDA Minister Jagmeet Singh

NDA Minister Jagmeet Singh on Wednesday shared a video where a Canadian voter asked him to cut off his turban and the video went viral in no time. We can see the leader walking on the road and greeting people, and a Canadian voter stops the leader to share his special advice. It has been two days since the video was released, and it is specifically because of Jagmeet’s Witty answer.

Watch The Viral Video Of NDA Minister Jagmeet Singh

In the 29 second video, a voter advised the NDA minister Jagmeet Singh to cut off his turban and look like Canadians. “You should cut your turban off and you’ll look like a Canadian.” The comment did offend Jagmeet, but the way he answered this person has impressed everyone including the netizens, who are sharing Jagmeet Singh’s viral video and showering him with praises and appreciation.

He very calmly replied, “I think Canadians look like all sorts of people. That’s the beauty of Canada.” The person was still not convinced and continued his conversation with the Sikh leader. He further used a phrase to strengthen his point. The Canadian voter said, ‘In Rome, you do as the Romans do’ to prove his point that Jagmeet must look like Canadians if he wishes to gain more votes. Jagmeet’s answer that won all hearts was, “But this is Canada, you can do whatever you like.”

Jagmeet himself shared the video with the caption that reads, “Many Canadians are told that we must change who we are to succeed. My message to you: do not change who you are. Everyone deserves his place.” Everyone who saw this video has appreciated his quick and impressive response.

Here Is How Netizens Reacted After Watching The Viral Video

Netizens have supported Jagmeet for his classy response as he reminded the basic principles of democracy, and his viral video has got more than one million likes on twitter.

Everyone on twitter has supported Jagmeet for his witty response because he has targeted the narrow-minded people who do not value democracy and freedom. Whether it is a developing country like India or a developed nation like Canada, we will find narrow-minded people everywhere. This reply of Jagmeet has made him the center of attention on social media.


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