Netizens Found Akshay Kumar’s Look Alike in a Sunil Gavaskar Fan from Kashmir

Akshay Kumar’s Look Alike

The Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, who has recently given a blockbuster film titled Mission Mangal, is again in the news because his fans have found his look-alike in a Kashmir-based Majid Mir.

An ABP news reporter on Wednesday shared a photo of Majid Mir, who religiously wear a hat like the former Indian Cricketer Sunil Gavaskar. Majid is a huge fan and follower of Gavaskar and is also known as Little Master.

The pictures shared by the reporter soon went viral as the netizens saw Majid Mira a perfect Akshay Kumar’s look alike, and started sharing the same picture with various captions. The photo was initially shared to highlight the patriotism in Kashmiri people as Mr. Mir religiously follows the style of Sunil Gavaskar, but it resulted in the outstanding response from the internet.

This Is What Fans Have to Say about Akshay Kumar’s Look Alike

While some people claimed him to be the old age version of Akshay Kumar, some were astonished on seeing the resemblance.

The reporter who has found Majid has clicked his picture with Akshay Kumar’s look-alike and posted it on his twitter account with the caption, “Met a Kashmiri Fan of Sunil Gavaskar, Majid Mir in Kashmir Wears that hat everyday religiously.”

Netizens did not waste time in sharing the post on their accounts with their captions, and some of these posts are pretty amusing. Some Rishi Raj has commented that he is more like Akshay’s Old age rather than Sunil Gavaskar’s fan. He shared the post on Twitter and wrote,” Vse ye Bhaisahab Sunil Gavaskar ke fan kumaur Akshay Kumar kabudhapajyada lag rahehain.”

Another twitter user said he could not believe his eyes after watching the photo online. He also posted the photo on his personal account and mentioned that he first thought the photo was photoshopped and someone had pasted Akshay Kumar’s face a random person. He said, “I Zoomed the pic to be sure it’s not photo shopped & and someone has not pasted Akshay Kumar face on him.”

Some has even suggested that we have found Akshay Kumar’s look-alike and we can blame him if any of Akshay Kumar’s film flops in future. He said, “akki sir ka duplicate mil gaya… movie flop huvee to saara blame ispedaaldenge.” He has got the funniest replies on his post as many people suggested to use him as the body double of Akki.

A Twitter User has even commented that it is not a duplicate, rather original Akshay Kumar, who is in disguise and shooting for his next film in Kashmir.He said, “Kashmir Mein Bhesh Badal kar Apni Aagli Film Ki Taiyari Kar Rahen The Akshay Kumar.”

A twitter user, Rahul D mentioned the FaceApp filterthat recently become popular. Everyone was using the filters to see their old-age look, and Rahul says the photo looks like someone has applied the face app filter to Akshay Kumar’s photo. “This dude looks like someone has applied Old age FaceApp filter on Akshay Kumar. (BTW huge respect for His cricket passion)”

Talking about actor Akshay Kumar, the actor was last seen in the multi-starrer Mission Mangal, and would soon return in theaters with his upcoming film Good News along with Kareena Kapoor. We would catch him promoting which might be released in March 2020.

“Akshay Kumar’s Look Alike”


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