Never apply Vicks Vapourub to a small baby

never apply vicks vaporub to small baby

Never apply Vicks Vapourub to a small baby

A case of medical emergency was received in a hospital where an 18 months old infant was struggling to breath. To the utter surprise of the Doctors, they could not diagnose any underlying ailment in the seriously ill infant till the time his grandparents told that they had applied Vicks Vaporub to ease the congestion and breathing of the baby suffering from cold and cough. The first strategy of every household to combat cold and cough is to apply Vicks Vaporub without giving heed to the age of the patient. One must note that the kids are main age group at high risk of a reaction from application of Vicks Vaporub into their respiratory track.

The reports have suggested that the ingredients found in the Vicks Vaporub can irritate the airways and increase mucus production which may further block the respiratory passage in an already suppressed respiration due to cough and cold. As happened in the case of this baby, soon after the grandparents applied a dab of Vicks Vaporub under his nose, he could not breath and his condition worsened. It is advisable to not to apply Vicks vaporub to a baby under the age of two. Also in the older babies, vicks vaporub must not be applied under the nose but to be rubbed on the chest gently to avoid any instant reaction. This label of effective Proctor and Gamble product itself reads that it is not indicated for children less than two years of age. Though parents sometime use it as a home remedy for their sick child. It has also been studied that the menthol vapours present in Vicks Vaporub trigger brain cells which after receiving cold sensation feel that the body is feeling better however, the respiration is not affected by these and the breathing is still difficult giving a false impression of getting right treatment done.

In the era of medical advancements, do not treat your child at home for any ailment and do take the consultation of physician before giving any medication to the child.


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