Newlywed Couple: Wife Saved Husband When He Fell Into A Volcano

newlywed couple

Would you die for your life partner as reel characters do?

“Love is not just about living together it’s also about dying together.” You might have heard this line time and again in romantic movies and have used it to impress someone. But what happens when it comes to reality, would you give your life just to die with someone? OF COURSE NOT! Most of us would say, but the NewlyWed Couple has unveiled the true meaning of the above line.

Acaimie from the US has proved that it is not just a cheesy filmy line, we do have people who love their partners more than themselves. She has become a role model for wives after saving her husband who had slipped from the volcanic mountain and was about the die. Yes! You heard it right. It is the story of the NewlyWed Couple, Clay and Acaimie Chastain who went to enjoy their honeymoon at the Caribbean island. But this trip turned out to be a nightmare for both of them.

Such an incident of Premonition can only be termed a co-incident

All of us are familiar with the trend that filmmakers get inspired by real-life incidents. Most often such movies are blockbuster hits. But it is the first time when a newlywed couple has relived the incident from a film. Remember the movie, “In the Blood.” It is like the movie made in 2014 was a premonition for the event that recently took place. You must remember the character of Ava, whose husband Derek falls down from the mountain and she went out of her ways to save him.

Something similar has happened in St Kitts where the desire for a better look of greenery could have killed Clay, had his wife not followed him even though she was afraid of height. After returning from this horrible honeymoon of theirs, the newlywed couple tells how Clay climbed down Mt Liamuiga to have a better view and Acaimie declined. It is after hearing her husband’s call for help that she too went down to see him wet with blood.

It is true we get stronger when there is no one to help. At least it was the case with Acaimie

She too was afraid at the start and called for help, but we no one came she got the strength and courage to drag her unconscious husband. This task was not an easy one as she had to drag him for three hours to reach. Now, they have returned and Clay is in hospital. Luckily there are no serious injuries thanks to “Mrs. Heroine.

Couple goals and lots of inspiration to fight tough situations

Everything seems to be fine now and they are calling it a miracle. Be it a miracle or prayers, but I would call it true love that has kept Clay alive. “All is well that ends well,” and now they have a story to tell their kids in future, jokes apart. But their story can be an inspiration NO, not only for lovers but everyone can learn that determination and desire can help you achieve anything you want. The way Acaimie Chastain rescued her husband is marvelous and calls for appreciation and everyone around the world is appreciating her fortitude. That the reason they are trending with the name Newlywed Couple on google and all other social networking sites. We wish them luck and congratulate them for setting new couple goals by fulfilling their wedding vows.


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