Hyderabad Rapists Killed in Encounter

Hyderabad Rape Case 2019

For the very first time, a quick decision took place for such cases, which started from Hyderabad City. All four inhumane accused in the Hyderabad veterinarian’s rape and murder case have been killed against the exchange of fire with police on Friday morning, the four accused were shot dead on NH-44 near Hyderabad on the same highway where the charred body of 26-year-old Disha was found, said by police.

This incident took place around 6.30 am when the accused were taken to the site of offense for complete investigation for the reconstruction of the scene of the crime. Culprits had snatched weapons from police and fired on police and tried to escape. Police fired in revenge in which the four accused died said by a senior police official. Two policemen were also injured, he said.

❍ The Brutal Rape and Murder Case

Nationwide protests had exploded after the charred body of a 26-year-old woman found in an underpass on Hyderabad outskirts on November 28.

The 26-year-old veterinary doctor was suffocated, raped and then burnt by four men in the night and her body was found the next day on November 28 under a culvert on the Hyderabad-Bengaluru national highway.

The Hyderabad police said, the four accused had punctured the rear wheel of her scooter, offered to provide help, they had dragged her to a secluded spot close to a toll plaza and raped her. They had suffocated the victim and later burnt her body.

All the four men were lorry workers, aged between 20 and 24, they were arrested on November 29 for raping and killing the woman by suffocating her and later burning her body.

All the culprits were identified as Mohammad Areef, Jolla Shiva, Jolla Naveen, and Chintakunta Chennakeshavulu. The prime accused in the case was Mohammad Areef (25), who worked as a lorry driver. The four accused in the horrible gang rape and murder of a woman veterinarian doctor had been sent to judicial custody for 14 days.

❍ The reaction of the Victim’s Family

The victim’s sister’s reaction to the killing of the four accused in the encounter was very positive, she said that the entire family had welcomed it and are happy. We did not expect this (killing in the encounter) and thought they would be hanged through courts. But for them, this was the right justice taken by the police.

They thanked everyone who stood by us. With this incident, people would be scared to indulge in such crimes (against women).

The father of the woman veterinarian also said he was very happy that all the four accused were killed in an encounter and thanked the police and the Telangana government for it.

Nirbhaya’s parents were the first to welcome the action. The mother of Nirbhaya, the 23-year-old paramedic student who died days back after being gang-raped in December 2012, and also appealed to authorities not to punish the policemen involved in the encounter.

Nirbhaya’s father also welcomed the encounter and said the family’s wait for justice ended early. “The family of the Hyderabad doctor will not have to wait for justice for seven years like us. Police did the right thing.

Badminton champion Saina Nehwal also commented in support of the Hyderabad police. “Great work,” she said.

Actor Anupam Kher, in his message to the Telangana Police, said, “Congratulations and Jai Ho”.

Disagree: Extra-Judicial Killings Unacceptable

Though, it’s after-effects will be seen among the politicians. Congress leader Shashi Tharoor, however, struck a note of caution as he said extrajudicial killings were not acceptable. For instance, if the criminals were armed, the police may have been justified in opening fire on them. We should not rush to condemn until details emerge. But in the society of laws, extra-judicial killings are otherwise unacceptable.

Advocate Vrinda Grover said what the police have done is “absolutely unacceptable”, and that an FIR should be registered against them. She also says there would have been an independent judicial inquiry.

Rekha Sharma, National Commission for Women chief, said she was happy that the perpetrators were dead, but justice should have been done through proper legal channels, she said.

Encounter is not the solution, Maneka Gandhi said. A Member of Lok Sabha, Maneka Gandhi said what happened in Hyderabad is not right and said the law should have taken its course.

So, different views were portrayed by different people, but the gist is that nothing should be dragged for a long time, the effect gets neutralized and also the terror of law and police gets ignored by the culprits.

                “Immediate Actions Are Required For Such Brutal Cases”

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