India to spotlight Global South issues at world stage, says PM Modi before leaving Italy

PM Modi

In a world that is increasingly interconnected, the concerns of the Global South often seem overshadowed by the priorities of more developed nations. However, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has vowed to change that narrative. As he departed from Italy, PM Modi emphasized India’s commitment to bringing the issues of the Global South to the forefront of global discussions. This promise signifies a pivotal moment for countries in the Global South, which encompass many of the world’s developing and least-developed nations.

PM Modi

A New Era of Representation

Prime Minister Modi’s recent visit to Italy was not just about strengthening bilateral relations; it was also about championing the causes of countries that often feel marginalized in global conversations. In his statement before leaving Italy, Modi highlighted the need for a more inclusive approach to global governance, one that truly represents the diverse voices of the world.

“India will ensure that the concerns of the Global South are heard and addressed on the world stage,” Modi stated emphatically. This declaration aligns with India’s long-standing foreign policy of advocating for the rights and needs of developing nations, reinforcing its role as a leader among these countries.

Why the Global South Matters

The term “Global South” refers to countries in Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Oceania, which are generally less economically developed compared to their counterparts in the Global North (North America, Europe, and parts of Asia). These nations often face challenges such as poverty, climate change, inadequate healthcare, and educational disparities. Despite being home to a majority of the world’s population, their issues are frequently sidelined in major international forums.

India, as one of the largest and most influential nations in the Global South, has a unique responsibility and opportunity to amplify these voices. Modi’s commitment to this cause is not just about diplomatic rhetoric but also about fostering tangible changes in global policies that benefit these regions.

India’s Role and Responsibility

India’s growing economic and political clout places it in a strategic position to influence international agendas. By championing the concerns of the Global South, India is not only fulfilling a moral obligation but also positioning itself as a pivotal player in shaping a more equitable global order.


During his visit, Modi underscored several key issues that are of paramount importance to the Global South:

  1. Climate Change: Developing nations are disproportionately affected by climate change. India has been a vocal advocate for sustainable development and has pushed for greater support from developed countries to help the Global South mitigate and adapt to climate impacts.

  2. Economic Inequality: Modi highlighted the need for fairer economic policies that do not exacerbate existing inequalities. This includes advocating for debt relief and better trade terms for developing countries.

  3. Healthcare and Education: The pandemic has laid bare the disparities in global healthcare systems. Modi called for enhanced international cooperation to ensure better healthcare and educational infrastructure in the Global South.

  4. Technological Transfer and Innovation: Modi emphasized the importance of technology transfer from developed to developing nations to bridge the digital divide and foster innovation.

A Global Stage for the Global South

Modi’s commitment is not just limited to verbal assurances. India has been actively participating in various international platforms to ensure that the voices of the Global South are heard. For instance, at the G20 summit, India has consistently advocated for inclusive growth and equitable resource distribution.

Moreover, India’s leadership in organizations such as BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) and its active engagement in the United Nations further reinforce its commitment to the Global South. These platforms provide India with the opportunity to influence global policies in favor of developing nations.

The Road Ahead

While PM Modi’s pledge is a significant step forward, the journey ahead is fraught with challenges. Changing entrenched global systems and policies requires persistent effort and international cooperation. However, with India’s proactive stance, there is hope that the concerns of the Global South will gain the attention and action they deserve.

The global community must recognize that addressing the issues of the Global South is not just a moral imperative but also essential for global stability and prosperity. Issues like climate change, economic inequality, and healthcare cannot be effectively addressed in isolation. A holistic approach that includes the perspectives and needs of the Global South is crucial.


As PM Modi leaves Italy with a renewed commitment to the Global South, the world watches with anticipation. India’s leadership in this regard is crucial for building a more inclusive and equitable global order. By spotlighting the issues of the Global South, India is not only advocating for the rights of billions but also paving the way for a future where every nation, regardless of its economic status, has an equal voice on the world stage.