Unveiling the ₹538-Crore Loan Fraud Case: Naresh Goyal, Jet Airways Founder, Sent to Arthur Road Jail

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The Indian aviation industry has witnessed its fair share of ups and downs over the years, with airlines rising and falling like a game of dominos. One such spectacular fall from grace was that of Jet Airways, a once-prominent airline that soared high in the Indian skies. However, its journey came to a screeching halt, and its founder, Naresh Goyal, found himself in the midst of a financial scandal that shook the nation. In a significant development, Goyal was recently sent to Arthur Road jail after being remanded in judicial custody for his alleged involvement in a ₹538-crore loan fraud case. In this blog, we delve into the details of this case, shedding light on the events that led to Goyal’s arrest and his subsequent judicial custody.

The Rise and Fall of Jet Airways

Jet Airways, founded in 1992 by Naresh Goyal, was once India’s premier private airline. It quickly gained a reputation for its high-quality service and extensive domestic and international routes. However, despite its initial success, the airline faced turbulent times due to mounting financial challenges, stiff competition, and mismanagement.

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The Alleged Loan Fraud

The roots of this complex case lie in the alleged loan fraud involving Jet Airways and its founder, Naresh Goyal. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) initiated an investigation into the matter, focusing on the airline’s dealings with Canara Bank. According to the authorities, Jet Airways and its key personnel, including Naresh Goyal, are accused of defrauding Canara Bank of a staggering ₹538 crore.

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The Allegations and Arrest

Naresh Goyal’s arrest by the Enforcement Directorate sent shockwaves through the aviation industry and the country at large. The ED alleged that Jet Airways had obtained loans from various banks, including Canara Bank, by submitting false information and statements. It is alleged that the funds were diverted for purposes other than those for which the loans were sanctioned, and the airline failed to repay the loans, resulting in significant losses for the banks.

The Enforcement Directorate’s Role

The Enforcement Directorate, a specialized agency responsible for enforcing economic laws and fighting financial crime in India, played a pivotal role in this case. They probed the financial transactions of Jet Airways and its founder, seeking to uncover any irregularities, diversion of funds, or fraudulent activities.

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Goyal’s Appearance in the Special PMLA Court

Following his arrest, Naresh Goyal was produced before the special Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) court. The ED, presenting its case before the court, sought judicial custody for Goyal. After careful consideration, the special court remanded him to judicial custody for 14 days.

Implications of Judicial Custody

Goyal’s shift to Arthur Road jail marks a significant development in the case. Judicial custody means that he will be held in the prison for a specified period while awaiting trial. During this time, Goyal’s legal team will have the opportunity to prepare his defense and present their case in court.

Public Reaction and Impact on Aviation Industry

The news of Naresh Goyal’s arrest and the allegations of a ₹538-crore loan fraud case sent shockwaves through the aviation industry and the general public. Jet Airways, once a symbol of India’s growing aviation sector, had already ceased operations in April 2019 due to financial troubles. This case has further tarnished the airline’s legacy and raised questions about corporate governance and financial ethics in the industry.


The ₹538-crore loan fraud case involving Naresh Goyal and Jet Airways is a stark reminder of the challenges faced by the Indian aviation industry. It sheds light on the importance of transparency, financial prudence, and ethical conduct in the corporate world. As the legal proceedings unfold, the nation watches with bated breath to see how this high-profile case will impact the future of the aviation tycoon and the broader landscape of financial accountability in India.