No One Will Be Spared Of Irrelevant Comments, Not Even Jimmy Neesham

Jimmy Neesham

The 2019 Ashes series remains the biggest bilateral cricketing contests of the world. A test series of cricket between Australia and England is held at different venues of the world including Edgbaston, Lord’s, Old Trafford, The Oval, and Headingley. While the first match was stolen by Australian batsman Steve Smith, Rory Burns took the show the second day after scoring 125- not out of 282 balls. The match took place at Edgbaston on Friday. Although the matches are in popularity, the New Zealand player Jimmy Neesham brought a little more attention to the game after making a vague comment comparing India batsman Virat Kohli to Burns.

Neesham bought the subject of Burns in rather a comical manner which offended Kohli fans. The opener Burns stood not out on the second day of the match against the Australian score of 267/4. Burns had previously played only eight test series and stood unbeaten on the very second day of the game batting with his co-batsman Ben Stokes.

Neesham is one of the cricketers with the highest number of followers and has always been known for his comical comments, sometimes even of serious matters. His recent comment on Virat Kohli, on Saturday, said that Kohli’s score has been beaten by Burns when it came to Ashes series.

Rory Burns now has more runs in his first Ashes innings than Virat Kohli has in his entire Ashes career” he tweeted.

While it’s very clearly known that Kohli isn’t even eligible to participate in the test series and it was a mere joke, some of Virat’s fans got offended and soon it became a matter of argument and a series of tweets took place. The trollers did not spare Neesham for his words and to reply, Neesham tweeted:

“I don’t think you understand the premise of the joke.

The joke is that Virat Kohli can’t play in the ashes because he’s Indian.

Thus it would be a silly statement for me to compare his ashes runs to those of Rory Burns, an Englishman.”

As for Virat Kohli, he is currently preparing for World T20 champions West Indies where he will come up with a fresh Indian team having younger players. There will be three T20s. the first two will be held in Lauder Hill, Florida, while the final one will be held in the city of Guyana.


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