Noida Police Thrash Ice-Cream Vendor On Being Asked To Pay Rs. 50

noida police

A recent incident took place on July 13th. Where Noida police have shown inhumane behavior, leave about general people or massacres.  With this attitude naturally crime rate will keep on increasing and the people with this mindset will let down the nation’s growth.  We are talking about New India, if this kind of unethical incidents will be on heights then unsurprisingly we will never accomplish. So, not only governments we people in whole have to think about it and support the government in reaching to the dreams of New India. Then we ourselves will proud that we are living in a country full of peace, love, affection, supportive and fully developed.

Let us talk about the recent unpleasant incident. Two Noida police officials, whom we trust more than us, they purportedly battered an ice-cream vendor (Amit Kumar (Tinku), when he had asked to pay Rs 50 for the dessert they had bought from him. The poor fellow, when he was on road to earning for his living, the Noida police corps were demons for him. What was his fault? If asking money was the fault then how he will run the living of his family and what he will eat? So many questions take birth. “Leave about terrorism, our internal people are only terrorists”, that too uniformed official people, who are deputed for our safety and security.

Noida Police

The same incident video of the Noida police officials beating the vendor is circulated on social media, other officials said this has happened on July 13, 2019.

These two Noida police officials were responsible to look after the “Barola police post” under Sector 49 police station, Noida.  The torture did not stop here than these two Noida police cops took Amit Kumar to the police chowki and again thrashed him. Looking to these injustice locals in the meanwhile called up the emergency ‘100’ number then a team of another police officials reached the spot and the matter was ended up. The official said though he was relieved from the police chowki, but, Tinku was not satisfied at the cost of his harassment then he approached the senior superintendent of noida Vaibhav Krishna with a complaint against the policeman and prompted him for the investigation in this case. An investigation has been ordered and further action would depend on the findings of the survey. The case is under process and the report is awaited.

It is truly a pitiable condition of powerful people. It is not only the one case but rather such cases had been occurring in the past also, where the persons in authority became the eaters, on being asked to pay the dues, have tried to humiliate and abuse people such as fruit sellers, vendors on roads, toll booth officials, etc.


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