Not everyone can handle success! ‘Is Kapil Sharma the best example’

Kapil Sharma

Not everyone can handle success! Is Kapil Sharma the best example?

Someone has well said that success attained is easier than the success retained. One can co-relate the statement with the journey of Kapil Sharma, the comedian turned actor currently famous for his stint as a lead comedian in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ on Sony Television. The actor has been frequently seen in news for the good or the bad reason. The recent one being his brawl with co-actor Sunil Grover. Soon after his announcement to marry his long time girlfriend Ginni Chatrath., he has again hit the headlines by physically assaulting his co actor Sunil Grover during a flight while returning from a performance tour in Australia. In a drunk state Sharma suddenly started abusing his crew members and assaulted Sunil Grover aka Gutthi, thus creating a scene on board. It all started with his friend and co actor Chandan when they were returning from Australia. Kapil had a verbal argument with Chandan, to which Chandan replied “Tu hoga Kapil kahi ka”. Sunil Grover went into mediation but since Kapil was so drunked that he was not into his senses lost control and slams Grover saying “tum sabko maine banaya hai, tum sab meri wajah se ho” according to the sources. Apparently all members were miffed with his behavior. It has been reported that the situation became so tense that the Cabin Crew members had to think of hand cuffing Kapil Sharma to save other passengers from Nuisance.
In turn, Sunil Grover has quit the show, however .Kapil Sharma who once used to be a small town guy, participated in the comedy based reality TV show and was declared winner also. Here started the journey of Sharma to stardom and he never looked back afterwards. The commendable onscreen performances and talent rose him to fame, however, it is repeatedly being heard that he has not remained cordial with his crew and co actors. Every now and then, the news about his misbehavior with the co actors are coming out. Kapil Sharma has given us some of the best ROFL moments and changed our mood for the better many times, but he must not forget that it is the real life image of an actor that leaves a lasting impression on the hearts of fans. Further, undermining the contribution of co actors in his success and not behaving in a dignified manner can cause a great harm to his career. So Kapil Sharma, please do not break the hearts of your fans by behaving inappropriately.


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