“Nothing Changes Between Us As Friends” Salman Khan After Leaving Inshallah

Salman Khan

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s most awaited movie Inshallah, featuring Salman Khan who whom we will next see in Bigg Boss, and Razi famed Alia Bhatt in the lead roles, is believed to have been postponed as the shoot has been called off for an indefinite time by Bhansali Films, an official of the production house declared.

This is what the official twitter account of Bhansali Productions tweeted on Monday. “Bhansali Productions has decided to not go ahead with In-shaa-Allah for now… Further announcement will be out soon… God [email protected]

Reason why Salman Left Inshallah

According to some reports, someone has revealed that their work on the script is yet not complete, and this is the reason they cannot release the movie on the announced date which was Eid. Some of the reports also says that the Padmaavat director who is also an old friend of Salman Khan only narrated the first half of the film which the actor liked and has completed the shoot, but the second half was not complete till then, and now Salman and Sanjay are having disputes over the climax because Salman wants to it be like his other movies. Sanjay, on the other hand, is not ready to compromise with his script.

“Sanjay only narrated the first half of Inshallah to Salman. He wasn’t ready with the post-interval sequences. Salman asked Sanjay to also read out the second half and how the film would play out, especially the climax which is very important in the film. Inshallah is a sweet love story and the way the film is treated will be very different from any of Salman’s films that we have seen in the last few years.”

Accordingly, Salman wanted it to end with great action sequences including the Salman styled one-liner as it is going to be released on Eid, but Sanjay has different plans for it. He has written a romantic movie and wants it to end like one, and it is because of their disputes that the movie Insahallah has been shelved. At least this is the reason Salman Khan decided to quit the project and said that “Sanjay Leela Bhansali won’t do Gaddari with his film.”

Salman’s view after leaving Inshallah

Salman shared that the difference in his and Sanjay’s perspective about the climax has shelved the movie for an indefinite time but it is only a professional issue. It does not affect their personal bond which him. He left the film because he can’t go with Sanjay’s ideas while Sanjay will not compromise with his script. Salman wishes him luck to make the film as he always wanted.

Sanjay was a friend even before we started working on Khamoshi. He had come to meet me through Manisha Koirala. After that, we collaborated on Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. When he came to me with this film, I liked it and we decided to work together again. One thing I can say is that Sanjay won’t do gaddaari with his film. I want him to make the film he wants to make. Nothing changes between us as friends and I’m sure nothing has changed in Sanjay’s heart for me. I’m extremely close to his mother (Leela) and sister (Bela). I wish him all the best. He and I will still work in future on a film, Inshallah.” – Salman Khan


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