Odd-Even scheme to be implemented again to curb the Delhi Pollution

Odd-Even scheme

Remember the odd-even scheme experiment introduced by the Capital’s Chief Minister on January 1, 2016?

Well with the history repeating itself with the same old pollution, Arvind Kejriwal, has again announced the implementation of the unique scheme again to curb the Delhi pollution this year, during 13th November 2017 to 17th November 2017.

The Air Quality Index yesterday attained 517, where crossing 400 is known to be really “severe.”

The schools were closed down and everyone was recommended to stay indoors after their respective work, especially the kids.

The severe Air pollution can result in the demise of the whopping 30,000 people this year, Dr. Randeep Guleria, AIIMS Director has cautioned.

Odd-Even Scheme:

It is an initiative to reduce the vehicular traffic, triggering the pollution.

With this scheme, odd and even numbered vehicles will be plying on the roads on the alternate days.

This move in Delhi was post its implementation success in Beijing after the Summer Olympics in 2008.

It has been implemented twice last year, from 8 am- 8 pm. The violators were charged with Rs. 2000/- fine. However, there was no seizure of the vehicles.

This scheme was implemented from January 1-15 and then from April 15-30. The exceptions were the vehicles with CNG, cars driven by women and disabled people, electric cars, two wheelers, ambulances and of course the VVIPs.

A shout-out for the improvement of the Public transport:

Despite the well-linked Delhi metro network, it still lags behind in providing the quintessential demand for the public transport facility to suffice the mushrooming commonalty.

The government-run based buses are just 5,600 in number when compared to the demand of 11,000 buses, as recommended by the experts.

Gehlot puts forward his view by revealing that increasing the number of the DTC buses would be the main intrinsic component for the odd-even 3.0. So, it must be carried forward, in order to make this attempt a successful one.

More than the traffic-apportion scheme is required to curb the pollution

Environmental Pollution Control Authority (EPCM), a pollution monitoring body that is appointed by the Supreme Court has confessed that it would go from pillar to post to address Delhi’s alarming increase in the air pollution.

Post shutting down the Badarpur thermal power plant and banning the generators, EPCA is all geared up to implement the odd-even scheme, Pull the cars off the roads and even close the schools down if required.

Government is undoubtedly on its full-fledged swing to curb the deadly pollution!


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