One Can Follow Sachin Tendulkar’s Post-Retirement Workout Regime

Sachin Tendulkar’s post-retirement

In the year 2012, Tendulkar announced his retirement from ODIs in the month of December. He officially retired from Twenty20 cricket in October 2013 and afterward retired from all types of cricket on 16 November 2013 after playing his 200th Test match, against the West Indies in Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium.

It was too fortunate that on November 16, 2013, India won the match. But millions of fans of star cricket, Sachin Tendulkar in Wankhede stadium were in tears. The heart of Indian cricket, Sachin Tendulkar, was addressing his last speech wearing an Indian cricket jersey.

He had completed his sixth anniversary of retirement on 16th November 2013, He had ended his 24 years long career, but no one can deny remembering him for his glorious progress that helped team India beat the opponent teams which, at one point of time, no one could have imagined was possible, including even Sachin.

He was an encouragement for millions around the world; Sachin Tendulkar reached the level of a supernatural being, in the eyes of his fans, because of his hard fitness and dietary system. Even today, after his retirement, he follows strictly and consistently his post-retirement fitness regime.

Many people believe that Virat Kohli is the carbon copy of Sachin Tendulkar. Anyways it is not right to compare Sachin to Virat Kohli. But when we talk of dedication towards fitness and food, both of them mirror each other. They have both told people that they are highly passionate about food. Sachin eating Vada Pao after a training session at Shivaji Park and Virat Kohli Ram’s chole bhature in Delhi.

One would be surprised to know that Sachin underwent 10 surgeries. After 10 surgeries, one would imagine the activities of Sachin to slow down. But the truth is that Sachin has not drifted from his path and still remains active and persistent in following a fitness routine. He gave up his wishes for the country, this is why he is considered to be a living legend.

A Glimpse of The Sachin’s Post-Retirement Fitness Secrets

Sachin Tendulkar’s Post-Retirement Fitness Secrets

Sachin claimed in an interview that he is not a lover of the gym and also do not prefer going there. For him, cricket is only his exercise. When he was young, at that time also he used to play cricket from morning to evening. And the same today also he is obsessed to play cricket in his daily life as much as he can.

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He revealed in the public in an interview that he loves practicing fielding, which helps him to open up his body more quickly. Instead of depending on machines, he also said, he likes running, aerobics and stretching on the field.

Sachin Tendulkar’s Diet Routine

Sachin’s diet is something that is not hidden, as food is his weakness. One can very well imagine him to have Vada Pao in Shivaji Park to dinner at a Malaysian restaurant in Australia when he had beaten 241 in one of his matches. But, Sachin had been always careful about his food, what he eats and how much to eat. Though he doesn’t believe in dieting but prefers going for regular exercises to lose and maintain weight.

He consumes a lot of boiled and steamed food and tries to avoid oily food as much as he can as this kind of food cause digestive distress in him, especially if he is traveling. In many of his interviews, he has mentioned it that he loves to eat Thai and Bengali food, especially seafood such as lobster made in Bengali style.

“One Can Remain Fit with One’s Own Fitness Regime, Provided One Is Consistent”


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