One Needs To Know About Push Up Bars

Push up Bars

Making the body perfectly in shape can be committed only by the simple exercise, the push-ups.

Both athletes and military personnel practices this as the main exercises to cut down weight and also the wholesome tuning of the body muscles because no other exercises uses complete body weight as effectively as this workout. Push ups engages the chest, arms, triceps, shoulders, back, neck, and core, of the body.

There are several ways to do push-ups. The classic push-up can be transformed to provide more resistance by using a single hand or by moving the width of their hands during the exercise. People who are on the urge of initiating this as a regular regime for fitness can start with their knees on the ground, rather than lifting the entire upper body straight during the exercise.

The benefits of Push-ups are that it strengthens the core, back, chest, and arms using the simplest workout. They provide the best upper body workout without spending much for the gym equipments.

Advantages of Push up Bars

People prefer using push up bars rather than doing classic push ups.

There are two important push-up bars benefits that improve our workout routine: they increase the difficulty of the workout and simultaneously protecting the wrists.

Regular or classic push ups bring the wrists into stress, which ultimately leads to pain and nerve problems. If one is using a bar, the wrists are kept in a neutral position, stabilized by the forearms. This also helps one to bring forearms into more of a workout than with regular push-ups.

Our forearms are not the only muscles that work harder with a push-up bar rather also provide more distance from the ground to move up and down with chest. Push up bars also boost our workout by offering a wider range of positions.

Right choice of a Push up Bars

The right choice in push-up bars popularity indicates that out of many options the best one to choose. Push up bars come in several styles.

  • There are bars which offer a firm grip and distance from the ground. The type of grip and the distance from the ground may vary.
  • Some bars are in the form of small circular cups with handles on top. Conventional bars are made of metal with a foam grip.
  • Some bars have the options to rotate.
  • Some are attached to wheels for added difficulty.
  • Some of the bars are flat and easy as part of a home workout kit.

Best Push up Bars

Though there are varieties of Push up Bars but still the best could be the bars shown below.

  • HHP-002 Push up Bars: This product earned its number one spot because of its high-quality construction, comfort during use, and non-slip foam. The rubber foot pads provide stability.
  • Push up Elite Bars: It is also of a good quality, the steel ball bearing system rotates smoothly during use, and the durable material supports up to 400 pounds.
  • Gorilla Push up Bars: This bar is of solid steel construction. The bars have good friction and do not slip and east to fold and keep.

These are few bars which one can go for, but one is free to choose as per their requirement.

One needs to know about Push up Bars

One can be flexible with push-up bars exercises for each state of fitness level.

  • Beginners can start their regular push ups to perfect their form and strengthen their muscles. As strength improves, one can increase the difficulty level. Here are a few strategies for increasing the difficulty of your routine.
  • Widen the posture. Adjust the bars so it is wider than normal. This intensifies the workout for the arms and back.
  • Raise the feet. Raising the feet higher than the head puts more weight on the chest, core and arms. This makes the work harder and builds muscle. One can use a chair or exercise to get our feet off of the ground.
  • Handstand push-ups. This is a great exercise for building shoulder muscles. Place the feet as high up on the wall as one feels comfortable, as if one performing a handstand. Place the hands on the bars and try a few push-ups in this position.
  • Triceps Dips. These bars make triceps dips easy to work into one’s routine. Extend the legs in front of the bar or handles behind. Lower and raise the body using your triceps for a critical arm workout.

Push Up Bar Safety

No doubt Push ups keep one healthy, fit, lose weight and also makes energetic provided some safeties are taken into considerations.

Increase the difficulty level slowly and gradually. Rushing into difficult workouts may cause injury. Pain is not always gain, fitness buffs.

Always keep the core tight during a push up to prevent injury on the back.

Don’t try to take push ups too deep. This causes the shoulders to pinch, causing painful nerve damage and compression.

“Be Alert and Consistent For Better Results of Weight Loss and Fitness”


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