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Oppo’s Smartwatch: Specifications,Prices And Release Date

oppo’s smartwatch release date

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Oppo is trending now in its technology, now it is trending for its best featured upcoming smartwatch, which is on the way and will be soon released but the most important it is to know that, it looks similar to an Apple Watch.

The company posted by a tweet on Monday (02.03.2020), that this new arrival would be called the Oppo Watch, and the more features of it will be announced on 6th March 2020, at the company’s Oppo Find X2 launch event.

Speculations of Oppo’s Watch Price and Features

There is still a lot to be known about its price and features. The price of the device is yet not declared, and also its hidden features. But there are a few things one can hypothesize about this watch after seeing its image. It looks like as if, one can also use this watch to make and receive calls. And also it looks like there is also an option to send a message to the caller if one is not able to take their call.

The watch features themselves look slightly different than the Apple Watch. While the body of the Oppo Watch appears to be exactly similar in shape to the Apple Watch, there’s no knob seen which could function like the Apple Watch’s Digital Crown, in place of this knob, the Oppo Watch has a second and larger button similar to other Wear OS devices. The watch on the left is also fled with a nice blue colour, which isn’t an option for the Apple Watch. And the appearance of bands also looks different than those one can get for Apple’s wearable.

Oppo Watch Release Date

According to a February 17th tweet from Oppo exec Brian Shen, it is said that Oppo has been more straightforward about the declaration of its design details, which specifies that the Oppo Watch will apparently have a curved screen and “3D glass.

Shen, earlier reportedly shared another image of the watch on Weibo on January 30th, 2020, which reveals its better look at the second top button and reveals a microphone and an interesting green line on the bottom button.

One can also see a bit more of the Oppo Watch’s curved screen in what appeared to be a leaked image of the Oppo Watch shared on Weibo on February 25th, 2020.

With respect to Google Translate, the Weibo post which was done declares that, the Oppo Watch is an “Android system,” so perhaps it runs Google’s wearOS.

Finally the Oppo’s event will be taking place on March 6th at 4:30AM ET, so we won’t have to wait for a long time, to learn more about the Oppo Watch.

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