PM Modi Expresses Condolences on the Death of Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi


In a recent statement, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed deep condolences on the tragic passing of Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi. The news has not only shaken the political landscape of Iran but has also resonated across the globe, prompting leaders worldwide to share their sympathies and reflections on President Raisi’s life and legacy.

PM-Modi with Raisi

A Remarkable Leader: President Ebrahim Raisi

Ebrahim Raisi, who was elected as Iran’s President in 2021, was a significant figure in Iranian politics. His tenure was marked by his commitment to addressing economic challenges, improving international relations, and upholding the values of the Iranian Revolution. President Raisi’s leadership was instrumental in navigating Iran through complex domestic and international issues.

PM Modi’s Heartfelt Condolences

Prime Minister Modi, known for his diplomatic relations and personal connections with world leaders, did not hold back in expressing his sorrow. In his message, PM Modi highlighted President Raisi’s contributions to Iran and the world. He praised Raisi’s dedication to his nation and the progress made under his leadership.

“The passing of President Ebrahim Raisi is a significant loss to Iran and the world. His dedication to public service and his efforts towards improving Iran’s global standing were truly commendable. On behalf of the people of India, I extend our heartfelt condolences to the people of Iran and President Raisi’s family.”

The Impact on India-Iran Relations

India and Iran share a long history of cultural, economic, and political ties. President Raisi’s tenure saw several important developments in the bilateral relations between the two countries. Both nations collaborated on various fronts, including trade, energy, and regional security.

Strengthening Economic Ties

One of the notable aspects of the India-Iran relationship under President Raisi was the strengthening of economic ties. The two countries worked on enhancing trade relations, particularly in the energy sector. Iran, rich in oil and natural gas, became a crucial energy partner for India, helping to meet its growing energy demands.

Collaboration on Regional Security

Regional security has always been a pivotal area of cooperation between India and Iran. Both countries share concerns regarding stability in the Middle East and South Asia. Under Raisi’s leadership, Iran played a significant role in addressing these challenges, often collaborating with India to promote peace and security in the region.

Global Reactions to Raisi’s Passing

The news of President Raisi’s death has elicited reactions from leaders and dignitaries around the world. Many have expressed their condolences and shared their memories of working with him. This global outpouring of grief underscores the impact Raisi had on international politics and his role as a respected leader.

United States

Despite the complex relationship between the United States and Iran, U.S. officials extended their condolences, acknowledging Raisi’s contributions and expressing hope for continued dialogue and engagement between the two nations.

European Union

Leaders from the European Union also paid tribute to President Raisi. They recognized his efforts in maintaining dialogue and cooperation with Europe, particularly in the context of the Iran nuclear deal and other diplomatic initiatives.

President Raisi’s Legacy

Ebrahim Raisi’s legacy is multifaceted, reflecting his diverse contributions to his country and the world. His efforts to address economic challenges, foster international relations, and uphold the principles of the Iranian Revolution will be remembered and appreciated by many.

Economic Reforms

Raisi was known for his focus on economic reforms aimed at stabilizing Iran’s economy. His policies targeted inflation, unemployment, and economic diversification, striving to improve the living standards of the Iranian people.

Diplomatic Engagements

On the international front, Raisi was an advocate for dialogue and diplomacy. His tenure saw significant efforts to engage with other countries, rebuild strained relationships, and promote Iran’s interests on the global stage.

Social Justice

A proponent of social justice, Raisi worked towards reducing inequality and ensuring that the benefits of economic growth were felt by all segments of society. His initiatives in education, healthcare, and social welfare have had a lasting impact on the lives of many Iranians.

Looking Ahead

As the world mourns the loss of President Ebrahim Raisi, it also looks forward to the future of Iran and its relations with other countries. The foundation laid by Raisi will undoubtedly influence Iran’s path forward, and it is hoped that his vision for a prosperous and peaceful Iran will continue to guide the nation.


The passing of President Ebrahim Raisi is a moment of reflection for many. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s condolences highlight the deep respect and friendship shared between India and Iran. As we remember Raisi’s contributions and leadership, we are reminded of the importance of diplomacy, cooperation, and mutual respect in international relations.

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