Pakistan Army Raised White Flags: Two of Their Soldier Were Killed As India Retaliated Cease Fire Violation

Pakistan Army Raised White Flags

Pakistan Army Raised White Flags: The Indo-Pakistan issues have not resolved in decades and they do not seem to resolve in the near future. The recent incident, where the Pakistan Army violated the ceasefire has proved their evil intentions. India is no more going to tolerate these intruders, and the Indian Army has exhibited its excellence as they killed two of the Pak Intruders on September 11. The latest news coming from the borders is that Pakistan Army raised White flags and they wanted to retrieve the dead bodies of their soldiers. The news agency ANI has shared a video where the Pakistan Army raised a white flag at the Line of Control (LOC).

The story begun when the Pakistan Army spanned the LOC which is considered as the violation of the ceasefire. Their attempt resulted in the cross-border firing, and in the death of two Pak Soldiers. The death of these intruders was followed by the White Flag incident as the Pakistan Army had to give up their ill-intentions because they could not retrieve these bodies without it.

What is the meaning of the White Flag?

White Flag is mostly used during the war-like situation and when one or the other party desires to begin negotiations. It can also be considered as a symbol of surrender, and if any of the party uses a white flag, it means they are hoping for peace, and have decided to end the war. This move of Pakistan Army highlights they have given up the idea of violating the ceasefire and wish to settle the matter.

Pakistan is continuously violating the ceasefire from Wednesday

The Pakistan Army, on Wednesday, tried to enter into India after violating the Line of Control in Hazipur and lost two of their soldiers as India retaliated with firing. After this, the neighbor country did not stop and resorted to repeating the same in Balakot and Mendhar in Jammu % Kashmir where they failed again. These failures were not enough for them as they again tried to invade through Nowshera and Sunderbani areas.

Initially, the Pakistan Army made efforts to recover these bodies with cover fire but failed once again. It was after they had made all efforts, to retrieve that they decided to surrender and raised white flags. This is the first time the Pak Army has taken such step because they used to disown the dead bodies of their soldiers. (Pakistan Army Raised White Flags)


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