Pankaj Tripathi’s Jeopardized role in Sacred Games 2

Sacred Games 2 Series

With Sacred Games 2 Series release date coming closer, its fans are unable to hold back.

The Season 1 of Sacred Games gave sleepless nights to Sartaj Singh as well as its fans. Now in the upcoming Sacred Games 2, the makers dig deeper into Ganesh Gaitonde’s life opening up the unrevealed life of Mumbai. A teaser featured Gaitonde’s dependence on two people during his low points, one being Jojo and the other not revealed. In the first season, Gaitonde killed Jojo. However, the trailer for the second season shows that the duo shared a bitter-sweet relationship. Then what led Gaitonde to murder Jojo? All this will hopefully get revealed in Sacred Games 2 Series.

Directed by Anurag Kashyap and Neeraj Ghawyan, Sacred Games 2 features Kalki Koechlin, Pankaj Tripathi, Luke Kenny, Shobita Dhulipala and Ranvir Shoreya long with Saif Ali Khan.

Craving for every new teaser that Netflix has to offer, the series tormented its fans with a new video centering Guruji aka Pankaj Tripathi. Guruji says “Woes and sufferings surround us. Miles away from happiness, India and the world are engulfed by sadness. The world needs saving. But, is the world worth saving. What god couldn’t do, man will. AhamBrahmasmi…AhamBrahmasmi.”

While uttering AhamBrahmasmi thrice, Guruji’s threatening voice is mingled with the deaths of Cuckoo, Katekar, and Gaitonde. In contrast, the speech of woes and sufferings of the world connote that Sacred Games 2 will provide another murderous series that will bring the fans to tears again.

According to the reports, Pankaj Tripathi’s character is blended into the 1980s religious leader  RajneeshOsho. Sources said “PankajTripathi’s styling is almost similar to Rajneesh Osho, whose so-called religious movement was at its peak in the ’80s. In terms of the writing too, Guruji’s character seems to be woven like the cult figure.”

Let’s see what Pankaj Tripathi has to say about his role in Sacred Games 2:

 “Guruji is a well-read man, he has his own style of thinking, and much like many others, he too feels that his beliefs and thoughts are superior to others’ and that his approach to life is the correct one.”

Sacred Games 2 Series will stream on Netflix on 15th August.


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