If people can get fit without going to the gym, then why do gyms exist?

If people can get fit without going to the gym, then why do gyms exist
If people can get fit without going to the gym, then why do gyms exist

“WORK! EAT! RAVE! REPEAT!” is all that crosses the mind when one thinks of a workout!

Whenever someone cries for being too chubby or too skinny for a fact all that is reciprocated is “go hit the gym”.

Well why do we go to school, when we can learn from home? And the answer being, to actually learn something! Similarly, the people hit the gym to actually stay fit! Some expert guidance always helps in boosting the natural caliber, thus pushing it even higher at every point!

I won’t deny the fact that working out at home has many economic, safety and optimum time utilization factors as of course, the meals prepared at home are the best for all the essential nutrients required by the body!

Yet there is something more that the gym has to offer! Something that only the experts can guide us for!

Many believe that gym has variety of machines for torturing the body!

Well here, definitely not torturing but for shaping the body.

I solemnly believe that being fit is more important than being in a proper shape, but if one could get two benefits just from one! Then ignoring it is never wise!

Thus, various reasons for the existence of the gyms are:


The trainers in the gym are all very skilled in their work and provide proper guidance to work out! Be it in or out of the gym! They guide us with the proper instructions to how to use the machinery in an effective way, so as to fetch the desired result for all the physical hard work!


The gym experiences the presence of all kinds of physical bodies. Fat, chubby, lean, obese, body builders etc. Seeing those people working out live daily, will always give you the motivation too! You can challenge yourself or have a healthy competition in maintaining your physical body!


The trainer has a lot of knowledge regarding the proper nutrients, protein and supplements required by the body. The trainer will always provide you with the diet chart and also with the healthy recipes at times!


Humans are social animals! Which means socialization anywhere is always a brownie point? Through the socialization at this place, one can make new friends; have healthy competition like who will lose those extra kilos first! , can work out together and eventually can hang out together in and out of the gym!


In gym, trainer makes sure that a work out regime is followed i.e. First day-cardio, second day- chest, third day-stomach, fourth day-legs and so on! So as to develop your dream physique or figure!


All one has to do is hit the gym and work according to the words of the trainer! There’s no overhead of doing all the things by self as you are already paying for the guidance!

Although, economically it may be expensive but practically, it does wonders! And also shelling out some cash for your betterment is no loss but only a win-win situation!

All of these are the reasons of why gym exists! One can only understand this if one goes to the gym for a month and then compare it with the changes in the body when the work out was being done at home!

I bet you will fall in love with the gym body for sure!


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