People Having Good Personality Trait Have the Best Sex Life

Sexual Life

It is very important to have a healthy sex life, then the unhealthy sex as with this mindset none would ever think to continue with it and then obviously a mindset gap gets created.

To develop intimacy between the couple depends on lot many factors. If one is just thinking to have a sexual desire at work, these things will never work. More often, sexual desire for both genders occupies some inbuilt chemistry, which takes a little time to accept it and moreover to understand each other.

For any kind of relationship, the personality of a person counts a lot. Say, the personality traits of one decides for making friends or finding a potential partner, studies suggested that the similar concept lies in this intimate relationship also, same personality traits, in fact, can make one a better lover and hence can make them have a good sexual life.

Case Study

There was a survey conducted at Ruhr University, Germany by the Mental health researchers. They surveyed close to 964 heterosexual couples and asked them questions about their sex lives. The main factors set for the survey were in judgment with the big five personality dimensions, as defined in psychologyextrovertedness, agreeableness, openness, conscientiousness, and neuroticism.

People were asked to elaborate themselves and rate on these parameters, including some more factors like, easiness to get aroused, sexual openness and inhibitions, initiation and sexual problems. Based on all these parameters, the study found out that there was a huge connection between personality type and sexual performance.


If one thought scheduling and practicing conscientiousness was killing off one’s sex life, then it could also be that if one is not taking care then this too could kill the sexual life.

The study revealed that of the above “Big Five” personality traits, the couples who had practiced quality sex reported being the “most satisfied” in their sexual life were those who practiced “conscientiousness.”

Conscientious people were found to be more oriented, careful in their approach and found to take out more time for “scheduling” or prioritizing sex in their life. There was a need to be prepared and planned and actually this has helped people with this personality type to enjoy a healthy and satisfactory sex life in between their busy schedules.

It was also observed that the least sexy or the less adjusted with all personality traits but when it came to the bedroom dynamics, it was again in question, so one has to check self for this personality trait to have a better sexual life.

The study also claimed that those who were more open for libido also tend to have an active imagination to explore and attempt new things in bed.

“Have Good Personality Traits to Have a Good Sexual Life”


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