Petty 8-year old’s rape and murder create a commotion across the country!

Petty 8-year old's rape and murder create a commotion across the country

Petty 8-year old’s rape and murder create a commotion across the country!

The grassroots movement against the sanguine gang rape and the murder of a petty 8-year-old in Jammu and Kashmir, Kathua has created a rebellion across the country. The eight men accused of the ghastly charges, created a burning rage against such culprits, following the grave Nirbhaya one in December 2012.

It is claimed through the sources that the crime was well planned by the former revenue officer who wanted to drive out the Bakerwals community of the victim from the Rassana area of Kathua.

The incident took place on January 10th, when the minor was grazing her horses, during which one of the accused laid a bait, by pretending to ask her for help and thus, directing her into the forest for the same. The police said that the accused then dragged her to a village temple and doped her. From then on, she was repeatedly gang-raped for three days by the evildoers, keeping her tranquillized and starved. The accused, however, failing to quench their thirst of inhumanity, didn’t just halt there, but before strangulating the poor girl and hitting her twice with a heavy rock, one of them stopped again to seek the stained pleasure before her last breath.

The minor’s corpse was discovered in the forest on 17th January 2018. The investigators cracked the case, taking the police to a 19-year-old school dropout, who had many times witnessed the minor grazing her horses, and to his uncle Sanji Ram, who was in charge of the tainted temple, which was the host of the gory crime.

Petty 8-year old's rape and murder create a commotion across the country

The police found many shreds of forensic evidence,  like the culprit’s hair on the child’s body, after which the police began interrogating the first accused, who finally spilt out the beans.

Sanji Ram, culprit 2, the former government official purportedly plotted the wicked crime and even kept aside a huge amount of money for bribes.

The 3rd accused, the man who stopped before killing the girl, just to seek the pleasure for one last time is known to be a Special police officer, Deepak Khaguria, according to the charge sheet.

The 4th accused is also a Special Police officer, Surinder Kumar, who was also witnessed on the crime scene many times.

The teen then revealed the name of the 5th accused, his friend, Parvesh Kumar, the man who repeatedly raped the minor. Sanji Ram’s son, Vishal Jangotra, studying in Meerut was also brought under the custody after the forensic tests, who travelled to Kathua, according to a call-record where the teen was heard stating Vishal, that he could “satisfy his lust”, brought out by the police charge sheet.

There were two other policemen involved in the scam, who are proven guilty, to keep mum, despite the complete knowledge of the horrific crime, in return of a huge ransom.The charge sheet also says sub-inspector Anand Dutta and head constable Tilak Raj, instead of collecting the crucial evidence, washed off the girl’s dress to get rid of any future accusations.


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