Pick Fragrances According To Your Personality


Pick Fragrances According To Your Personality

We all have the mandatory habit of spraying ourselves with our favorite fragrance before stepping out of the house. Your signature fragrance goes on to become your identity and your close ones can catch you by that ‘smell of you’ even if they can’t see you. But the kind of fragrance you choose to sprinkle on yourself depends on your taste, choice & characteristics. Here’s a quick guide on which kind of fragrance suits your personality.


The center of attention-

For those who loves meeting new people, a complete party buff and a big social gathering makes them feel energized and charged up, then your extrovert personality can choose a fragrance that is a mix of spicy and woody notes. Typically the fragrance with dominant ingredients of vanilla, grapefruit and sandalwood would do best for you and enhance the magnetism of your personality.

The introvert-

If you are more of a person who is shy, reserved and deep thinker, then choose a scent that is subtle and serene. Perfumes with Aquatic, Fijian water and cherry blossoms work great for your personality. These are soft fragrances and will match your mild personality trait.

Elegant and classy-

If you are a person who always likes to stand out in the crowd and make a fashion statement, then opt for fragrances that are dominant in ingredients which are oriental such as amber, musk and vanilla. These will smell distinct that other regular perfumes without being too overpowering and create a more sophisticated fragrance around you.


This category is generally for people who are happy-go-lucky kinds, having positive and cheerful personality and these traits draws people towards them. Right choice for you is Pure fruity and citrus fragrances. Go for ingredients like passion fruit, peaches, grapefruits and a tinge of lemon while deciding what perfume to buy.

Passionate romantics-

If you are someone who is really passionate about love and always around your better-half, then layer yourself with the mesmerizing aroma of jasmine and rose. White musk can be your perfect accessory to woo your partner any day! Increase your charm by opting for these rosy fresh fragrances.



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