Well, life juggles every now and then between what you can control and what you cannot. Ofcourse, everything under the sun is not in your leash, nor can you rein your life according to your will perpetually.

One has to face the grave situations in life, irrespective of whether you are prepared for it or not. It maybe a death in a family, sudden financial crises, unemployment, unceasing failures despite the constant efforts etc. These are definitely not in your control and you have to deal with them in order to move forward.

But what is in your hold is learning to tough out without much a say!

The things one can do to stay strong, that are required for the endurance are:

DEEP BREATHS: Whenever you encounter an unavoidable circumstance, which you ought to deal, then do not panic, or curse your karma, rather just take few deep breathes, to calm yourself down and face the devil!

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: Nobody is born to patiently bear the mental and emotional pain, but these circumstances demand the utter presence to believe in self eternally.

DO NOT STRIVE ON REASONS: Do not stain yourself with “I must have done this or I must have warned him”, in short, rather than focusing on the “whatifs” and “ifs”, try to learn from them or just relinquish the reasons behind them, because sometimes, you really can’t control the mishappenings.

BUILD A POSITIVE AMBIENCE: When surrounded by such situations, always surround yourself with the positivity like indulging yourself in a fun activity with your friends, grooming yourself, cooking, making new friends, listening to good music etc.

FEEL YOUR FEELING: In order to restrain yourself from the negativity and to develop the strength to face the misfortunes, one needs to feel what one is feeling and conceal or veil the gloomy emotions by constantly reminding self “I SHOULD NOT BE THINKING THIS WAY AND I WILL STAY  POSITIVE, NO MATTER WHAT!”. This will definitely help you.

NOTHING LASTS FOREVER: This is the most essential thing one has to instill that nothing is permanent and that this phase shall pass off too! One needs to persistently remind self that “THIS SHALL PASS TOO”.

These tips may not solve your misfortunes but will definitely leave you with the courage to face one!

Always remember, facing the misfortunes takes you notches ahead be it in physical, emotional or mental sense than the people who face none!

Hence, consider yourself lucky by the life giving you a golden chance to surpass the people around you! So, GET UP, SMILE, TIGHTEN YOUR BELTS AND FACE IT! ALL THE BEST!


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