How to stay away from smart phones?


Is it possible to stay away from smart phones?

I can remember, a cartoonist depiction of how the smart phones have been affecting our lives, had described the issue so well. The grandparents in the family were whispering to each other that they have lowered the range of Wi-Fi instrument to a table due to which the whole family had to sit around a table together to use their phones. It depicts the scenario of how smart phones have distanced us from each other.

We all have been spending our quality time with these hi tech gadgets instead of sitting and chit chatting to family and friends. These smart phones are now a day’s coming with so many features that our daily walks to chilling out with friends have taken a back stage these days. Isn’t it pulling off the families apart and destroying the social life of individuals with ill effects on one’s health.

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The over use of gadgets is not only harming the eyesight of individuals due to the blue light transmitted from them but also the stress caused due to mental tiredness which may cause depression and anxiety. Over use of phones have lead to irritable behavior in many individuals.

If we look at the possibility if we could stay away from smart phones?  The answer is yes we can though it may seem difficult at first. A strong will and self determination can keep us away from smart phones for longer durations. We must not forget our hobbies. Outdoor games like badminton and tennis are good for maintaining a fit body and also rejuvenating too. A long drive in a car or on bike is far more refreshing than playing Candy Crush Saga over phone.

Meditation is one such activity which can keep your senses in control and increase your ability to think and comprehend. We must try it. Another important aspect of over use of smart phones is that we are missing on to give some quality time to our parents. They have brought us up for so many years with a selfless service; we must reciprocate them with equal love and affection. in place of shopping and chatting online over various Apps, we must go out to reach out to our friends and sometime shop at malls or local markets to relive our lives. I am sure you won’t regret that.




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