Power couple Priyanka-Nick are the best-dressed couple of the year

Power couple Priyanka-Nick


Actress Priyanka Chopra and her singer husband Nick Jonas are entitled as the Best Dressed Couple of 2019 by People magazine. The couple created history as this was the first time that the magazine rated the dress code of couples.

The magazine’s style and beauty director, Andrea Lavinthal, said “It’s the first time that we have had a man or a couple on the Top 10 list, let alone as the best dressed. But it really felt like these two deserved it,”

Actor cum singer Nick Jonas and Miss World 2000 Priyanka Chopra Jonas met in 2017 and the reason behind their meeting was also the most stylish cupid Ralph Lauren. Hence, its no shock that the couple is awarded such an honor.

Earlier, the power couple was in headlines for their work but since their wedding, they have managed to remain in the headlines for their fashion choices as well.

Lavinthal also said, “The combination of the two of them is so exciting to watch. (Jonas) is not exactly someone who just wears a black tuxedo and stands next to her on the red carpet. You can tell that he enjoys fashion as much as she does,”

Further commenting on how Priyanka and Nick have different stylists and still manage to look good, Lavinthal added“They don’t do matchy-matchy but they still look like they go together. Even walking down the street in New York City, they are not in jeans and a T-shirt or casual pants. She is in a head to toe look, and so is he.”

Mimi Cuttrell (Priyanka’s stylist) and Avo Yermagyan, stylist for Jonas’ talked to People magazine about the vestiary choices of the couple and how supportive they are to each other’s wardrobe choices. Cuttrell said  “their best fashion moments come when they choose clothing that speaks to each of them. They are both fashionistas in their own right.”

Mimi also told that once they are ready, they always check what the other is wearing. There is a lot of support for other’s sense of styling.

On the other hand, Yermagyan calls Nick ‘limitless’ when it comes to styling. He added “He can wear a tracksuit with just as much swagger as he does a tuxedo. They are both true to their individual styles,” Yermagyan says. “It’s another example of how they are such a perfect match.”

Priyanka and Nick have not only given us new dressing goals separately but together, they have given looks which will go down in the history of fashion.


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