Prasthanam’s Trailer Out: The Movie Seems To Challenge Political Notions

Prasthanam’s Trailer Out

Prasthanam’s Trailer Out: After giving a glimpse of Prasthanam on his 60th birthday,Sanjay Dutt’s remake of 2010 Telugu film’s official trailer is out. Directed by  Deva Kutta, the movie promises lots of action and a series of twists and turns. The Hindi film starring Sanjay Dutt in the lead role along with Jackie Shroff, Manisha Koirala, Ali Fazal, Amyra Dastur, Chunky Pandey and Satyajeet Dubey is set to release in theaters on September 20.

The Prasthanam trailer portrays Sanjay as the head of a political family where the two heirs of the family are in a war against each other to attain power. Sanjay Dutt’s dialogue from Prasthanam trailer “polotics sher ki sawari hain, ek baar utar gye to jaan se bhi haath dho bethoge” sounds like ‘Game of Thrones’, isn’t it? Similar to Game of Thrones, the film deals with hard issues of morality, trust, loyalty, and betrayal among the family members. The makers termed the movie as ‘War for Legacy’. This war is highlighted with the hard-hitting one-liner dialogues from Prasthanam trailer like “Sadiyon se aisa hi hota aaya hai. Apne hi apno ko maarte hain, bas hathiyaar badal jaate hain.”

As Prasthanam’s Trailer Out, Sanjay Datt’s home production is ready to set the screens ablaze. Director Deva told media how Sanjay Dutt was keenly interested in bringing up the story of Prasthanam for a long time. He said “Sanjay Dutt got interested in the project, which was in 2011-2012 within one-two years of (its) release. In between he went to jail and then came back and the follow up (from their end) was passionate regarding the film. I was interested because of the intensity of interest from his side.” he further said “Fundamentally there are no changes to the story at all, except refining and polishing the canvas and all that. It is very relevant. I have rewritten the screenplay the dialogues were provided by Farhad.”

Talking about the role of other stars, Ali Fazal puts impressive elements of loyalty and integrity as shown in Prasthanam trailer. His father says “you are born for it”. On the other hand, fans are delighted to see Chunky Pandeyin a negative role which is a far cry when we recollect his Aakhri Pasta character.

Prasthanam’s Trailer Out completes its circle around the lives of all these characters and ends back at Sanjay Dutt’s question “kon sahi, kon galat, faisla kon karega?”  The ending dialogue of trailer points towards the real-life politics in which everyone is stuck in the dilemma ‘to be or not to be’.


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