How to Prevent Sexual Abuse of Children With Disabilities?



How to Prevent Sexual Abuse of Children With Disabilities?

As per the research conducted sexual abuse it is revealed that the children’s with disabilities  three times more victim than normal children. To prevent them from this trauma as adults it is our duty to make them aware of good and bad touch. It is also important to know the signs and indication of sexual abuse in all children:

There are few  highlighted do’s and don’ts which are helpful to prevent Children With Disabilities

Discuss about the limitations

Speak to your children about their body and safe limitations. Tell them what is good and what is bad in the premise of school, playground, hospitals and wherever they go.

Investigate and monitor the activities of counselors or therapists

It may be possible that the therapist or counselors which might did something inappropriate with your child. Monitor candidates or you can conduct background check to make you sure that the person which you are appointing right person for you and your children.

Teach your kid when and how to say “No”

Children with disabilities needs extra attention so it is your responsibility to teach them to say “no” if they don’t like anything. Make them independent so that they can easily make their choice. And become aware of denying unsuitable things.

Notice any changes in your child behavior 

Inspect any changes in your children behavior. there are so many symptoms of abuse which are physically visible. Notice your child when he/she

  • Self harming
  • Trouble in sleeping or nightmares
  • Feel afraid of any person’s presence or avoid any place to visit
  • Act sexually

Confused behavior such as anxious, depressed or aggressive    

These are some common possibilities in which can identify sexual harassment in your child. Try to talk with your child and make him assurance that you are there for support him/her in anyway.

Start conversation

Answer your child’s query about physical changes,  relationships and intimacy according to their age. Also make them aware of boundaries and their choice to refuse. Sometime this type of conversation can make you uncomfortable as a parent. But if you discuss with them then they you can make them assure that anything happens in their life, or they have any questions and concerns then they can tell you without any fear.

Don’t avoid sex education

I know it is bit uncomfortable for you to talk about sexuality  and special children are commonly uninterested to get any information about sexuality. It is sheer need of making them aware of their physical changes, good touch and bad touch so that they can identify the person who tries to abuse them

Don’t blame your child

Your child is victim so there is need to care and love him/her in that situation. Don’t ever think of blaming child that the protection of your body is responsibility. This time they need support and if you behave like that then will never going to tell you about their problems and it can be risk of depression for them


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