PRO KABADDI SEASON 7 League is riding high on the success of its previous seasons. Every season exciting new players join the league. In the last season, some fantastic talents have emerged that can make a difference when it comes to tense situations and close matches. Here is a list of players that are expected to make their presence felt yet again this season of Pro Kabaddi League.

1. MOHAMMAD NABIBAKSH (BENGAL WARRIORS) : Mohammad Nabibaksh has helped Iran to win many international games. This year, he will be making his debut in Pro Kabaddi League with Bengal Warriors. Nabibaksh’s primary role is of a defender as he is very good at blocking and thigh holding. If required, Nabibaksh can raid the opponents in an equally spectacular manner.

2. SANDEEP NARWAL (U MAMBA) : He is considered one of the top all-rounders in the entire league. He is swift and agile which is why he has scored 229 points while raiding and 254 tackle points. In the last season, we have seen him defending as well. SandeepNarwal stands at number 1 (23) when ranking players on the basis of super tackles.

3. DEEPAK NIWAS HOODA (JAIPUR PINK PANTHERS) : He has been a part of the Pro Kabaddi League since the very beginning. His performance has risen up with each passing season and now Deepak Niwas can be easily named as Jaipur’s most valuable player. He is a raider and a pretty good one. So far, he has scored 710 raid points and 75 tackle points for Jaipur Pink Panthers. Hooda is a tricky player and has won many games for his teams. The opposition is extra careful every time Hooda comes to raid.

4. MERAJ SHEYKH (DABANG DELHI K.C.) : Outstanding performances in the previous seasons led this Iranian player to become first foreign captain of the league. Before coming to the Pro Kabaddi League, MerajSheykh was a pro wrestler in Iran. His wrestling background has helped his tackling capabilities. Meraj’s scorpion kick is the best in the game which has helped him score most of his 309 raid points. Also, MerajSheykh has 53 tackle points to his name.

5. RAN SINGH (TAMIL THALAIVAS) : Ran Singh has played for Jaipur Pink Panthers and Bengal Warriors in the previous instalments of the league. He has established himself as a capable defender. However, he has 90 raid points and 199 tackle points to his name. This season, Tamil Thalaivas will be looking at a solid defence with Ran Singh in the team.

6. PAWAN KUMAR SEHRAWAT (BENGALURU BULLS) : Hi-flyer Pawan Kumar Sehrawatwas the catalyst for Bengaluru Bulls’ victory last season. He earned the most valuable player award last year and he is expected to repeat the same this year as well for his team.

7. PRADEEP NARWAL : He was the second most impressive raider after Pawan Kumar Sehrawat in the 2018 edition of the league. He is the only player to score 800 raid points. It will be interesting to see how he fares in the 2019 season.

8. AJAY THAKUR (TAMIL THALAIVAS) : He is the captain of the team and inarguable the best player of the team as well. His stellar performances in the entire season couldn’t save the team from finishing last in the zone B. However, his efforts were worth a round of applause. Tamil Thalaivas lacked a supporting raider which put more pressure on Ajay Thakur.

9. SIDDHARTH DESAI (U MAMBA) : Siddharth Desai was the find of the tournament. A large majority of his 218 points came in the initial matches as he was literally untouchable by other teams.

10. MANINDER SINGH (BENGAL WARRIORS) : His efforts in the season helped the team to secure a place in the playoffs. His average points scored per game stands at a staggering 9.8. It will be interesting to see where his team stands this year.


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