What are the problems that you face while online shopping?

What are the problems that you are facing while online shopping

What are the problems that you face while online shopping?

With the advent of the online shopping, it’s a shop’o clock everywhere. Everyone is busy surfing the online shopping websites in their free time, eager to pick out anything, of their choice from that pool!

I am one of them! It’s a good time pass for sure! Lol!

Now there’s no overhead of getting ready and loitering aimlessly into the shopping malls and onto the roads, straining the physical body with mental stress! All one need to do is type in the URL and you’re good to go!

The shortest horror stories now has become “SOLD OUT!!” haven’t they?

The e-commerce boom has no doubt flourished at a very high pace, yet there are still some hitches, which need to be dealt with.

Apart from making our lives much easier, it also holds certain cons, as everything in this universe has come with the combination of both pros and cons!

QUALITY: As this consists of variety of options to choose from, the products thus, can be made available from any unknown fraudulent manufacturers, who might try to gain profit by selling poor quality goods. With the large volume of goods available, it is very difficult to keep a check on the quality of each and every product!

RETURN, REFUND POLICY: The return and refund policies sometimes create a ruckus. While purchasing a product, one needs to be sure of the return and refund policies. But for some products, it is not clearly mentioned and thus creates confusion, thus, obtaining a low-quality return and absolutely no refund!

SELECTION OF SIZE: This has always posed a problem as selecting a size just by virtually looking at it doesn’t always fit right. Apart from this, different brands have different sizes, thus creating confusion due to this diversity! Hence, then there is an extra overhead of “return and refund”, in case if the wrong size has been selected by any means

DELIVERY: This creates a separate set of problems as the delivery is not available at all the places. Some remote places are void of the delivery services and hence, the customers face an issue  with collecting of their ordered products.

DIGITAL PAYMENT FAILURES: With the new invention of the digital wallet, customers mostly entertain the cashless transaction. Sometimes there’s some glitch due to some technical issue which includes debiting of the money from the customer’s account but not crediting into the seller’s account! Sometimes there are even the chances of double transactions due to the previous internet failure, thus creating problems.

ADDITIONAL CHARGES: These include charges other than the cost of the product i.e. the delivery charges. The problem here is not the charging for the delivery service, but charging independently for each product separately, rather than as a whole!!

UNCLEAR GUARENTEE POLICY: Due to the participation of many manufacturers into the selling of their products, keeping a track on every product is very difficult, thus few manufacturers fake their guarantee of products, just to earn some extra cash! And thus, take a back step, when the product needs a replacement or is to be returned.

LACK OF SECURITY: These e-commerce websites take in many sensitive information of the customer like name, address, phone number and most importantly bank account details. They do not follow any stringent measures to protect this information and thus there’s always a risk of it, falling into the wrong hands.

If these e-commerce websites work on these issues, then I bet they will definitely cross the notch of their economy, thus increasing their popularity as well as their customers.

Witnessing the fast pace of technological development, I can confidently say that, the time is not far off when one can download food!!


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