PUBG Mobile Lite Launched In India, For Phones With Less Than 2Gb Ram


Playerunknowns’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a first-person shooter, the battle royal game in which up to 100 players start the game, jumping from a plane and landing on to an island. After landing they have to find weapons and hunt other players while protecting themselves from being killed and the last man standing wins. Winner winner chicken dinner. The game is developed by PUBG corporation.

The game was first released on March 2017. Then the game was available for PC, Xbox and Play Station. More than 40 million copies were sold by 2018 out which a whopping 30 million were sold on the PC platform via Steam setting a new record for the Steam platform. PUBG corporations joined hands with Tencent Games to release the mobile version of the game. Mobile version of the game was released on 23rd March 2018 for both android and IOS.

The game is loved by the players and received many positive reviews from game experts. Though the game has some technical flaws, it has tried to mitigate those flaws through updates. The new updates made sure that players of the same level are matched. PUBG corporations have organized many tournaments to market the game and make it a well-known e-sport.

Recently, Pubg Mobile Lite has been released in India for devices with less than 2GB RAM  in India. The Philippines received the Pubg Mobile Lite version of the game a year ago. This version has been rolled out by Tencent Games keeping in mind the devices that have low RAM.

The game is now live on the Google Play Store and is free to download and play. The lite version is developed with Unreal Engine 4 which also worked on the development of the mobile version. This time around, the game is more optimized for devices with low-end specs. Tencent Games had to make some amendments to suit devices with low-end specs. For example, the Lite version will have a smaller map and the number of players in the cabin will be 60 as compared to 100 in the mobile version.

The PUBG Mobile Lite version of the game received a new update which brought a new weapon called RPG-7 and a vehicle called Buggy. 3 more maps are added and a few other tweaks have been added. The previous Lite version of the game allowed only 40 players in the classic mode. After the update, 60 players can participate in the game.

PUBG mobile lite has a download size of over 1.5 GB whereas the Lite version’s download size is just over 400 MB. This download size is just perfect to run on devices with smaller RAMs. This decision was made keeping in mind that a large majority of smartphone users have entry-level devices. The reward system will differ slightly from the mobile version.

PUBG Mobile Lite will have better aim assist, players will be able to heal while on the move, more time to kill, and a few map optimization options. PUBG Mobile lite has six server options whereas the Lite version will have two server options to choose from; South America and Asia. Game Modes in the Lite version are limited Classic and Arcade. Also, there is just one map option available and you can only play in third-person shooter mode.


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