PUBG MOBILE: You Need To Read This If You Cheat While Playing


Most of us play online mobile games because there are no chances of cheating and hacking, but there are people who find some or the other way to cheat while playing mobile games. While most of the cheaters hack others’ to win, there are some who have started cheating as they are tired of cheaters and hackers in PUBG MOBILE. There is a piece of news for Hackers and Cheaters, and they would now face a ten years ban.

The Increasing Incidents Of PUBG Hacking Has Led To The Strict Punishment

People, who have been playing PUBG Mobile for a long time are aware that the number of hackers and cheaters has increased along with time. The reports against such hackers have also increased, and some of them have been punished as well. People who don’t spend much time on PUBG fail to notice such threats, but some have encountered such circumstances. You only need to search about PUBG hackers, and you would get numerous reports and personal experiences of people. Some people started cheating because they were tired of being cheated upon.

PUBG Has So Far Banned 3500 Players

The game developers were not actually unaware of the situation but had some ideas about it. The PUBG MOBILE has also noted that they were aware of the criticism that the game was not fair enough and some people were using unfair means to win the game.  They have finally decided against the cheaters, and have announced a 10-year ban on people who violate the gaming standards of PUBG MOBILE. This step was essential to ensure a better gaming experience with more fun and adventure. The game has banned more than 3500 players who were found hacking or cheating during the game.

You Can Also Complaint About PUBG Hackers

The PUBG Mobile released a press note which reads, “Use of unauthorized third-party apps or hacks that provide an unfair advantage to a player will be condemned with the ban.” They, not only warned the hackers but also asked their users to file a complaint if they happen to encounter a hacker or feel that they have been created. If you too want to report any hacker or cheater, then there is an option you can report about them. There is a reporting system in the game itself with which you can report about people, and the PUBG MOBILE TEAM will take further actions.

PUBG MOBILE extends an in-game Ban Notice section, and you can access this feature from the bottom right menu. You will have to scroll down where you will get additional information about strict punishment. It also contains a long list of players, whom they have banned for ten years.


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