Pubs, bars and hotels all geared up for INDIA vs PAKISTAN match

India vs-Pakistan-match

Pubs, bars and hotels all geared up for INDIA vs PAKISTAN match

The emotions and patriotism of Indians and Pakistani masses reaches its peak whenever India and Pakistan come against each other on the cricket grounds. It seems like the battle ground for both the countries has been shifted from Kashmir and borders to the cricket stadiums. Such a sporty battle between the two belligerent neighbours would be seen today in London where both the countries would be fighting to win the preliminary match to remain rooted in the champions trophy.

India vs Pakistan match always grabs limelight and becomes a household talk even more polpular than the Saas-Bahu Sagas on Indian television. Not all the people are lucky enough to have a glimpse of the match live at the stadium. But the ardent cricket lovers in search of a live experience of the match choose to attend the close substitutes for it i.e. the pubs and bars and hotels which have built in large screens and alongwith that some tasty food and drinks to offer.

In such a way,India vs Pakistan match also gives a reason to smile to bars, pubs and hotel owners as they will be able to gather large crowd. Their rates for tomorrow will also be inflated. Some bars and pubs would be coming up with great offers on food and drinks. The viewers will not only get to see the match live on the small screen but also the company of the unknown but die hard cricket lovers around to cheer up in large volumes at every four or six scored. So before you are late to attend the event, book a seat for yourself as one can not afford to miss the fun of this new wave of patriotism i.e. the Cricket connect.


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