Purpose of Technology in Sports


Technology is something without which we cannot imagine our lives. a thing without which our life is incomplete. Have a look around you and you’ll notice everything related to technology from your phones, laptops to the cars and planes, the present generation cannot do without technology by a long shot.

Sports is no exception, technology plays an equally important role in sports as well. The games have undergone a sea change owing to the improvement in science and technology.

 It is technology which is upgrading things and turning the good into best 

The super awesome catches which are dropped and caught by the players in cricket near the boundary are decided by this thing we call technology. Luddites can rest for a while as they are out of the game in this day and age.

The nature and identity of Sports is through technology

Be it the duds or the shoes the sports persons wear to the training, that all is technical. Technology facilitates accuracy in the decision making. We would not have known about sports had there been no technology in our world. We can watch any form of sports sitting in our beds only through technology.

Relaxing at home and relishing the perks of technology 

People need not go to the stadiums or grounds to watch any sports. There is live telecast of every game. Technology has saved us from the sweltering heat and inclement weather. There is no point in going out when you can have the perks of technology served to you at your place. After all, nothing beats the comfort of home! There are various options as we can watch the version of sports at various locations and on various devices with the help of satellites. So, it is a win-win for us, thanks to technology.

Expectations Galore from the world of technology

During any match, technology plays a great role be it recording the difference between the Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt and his competitor or clearing the doubts of an umpire in a cricket match when somebody hits a six or gets out. It all lies with the technology and it all boil down to technology because ultimately it gets to decide the result and show us the true facts.

The contribution of the technology to the sports cannot be ignored, and is stellar. It is hard to verbalise the role of technology in any field today. . Sports would not have come such a long way without the support of the technology. There is a lot more than what meets the eye and we cannot thank technology enough for making our lives so much easier and better.


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