Puyol: I hope to see Messi win a title with Argentina


Puyol: I hope to see Messi win a title with Argentina:

Carles Puyol said this statement about Messi his past, long along Barcelona team mate that he wished to see Messi win a World Cup title with Argentina. Puyol had come to India with the intention of promoting the upcoming FIFA under – 17 World Cup which is going to be held in India this time. Talking about what he said it has always been the forever dream of Messi and Argentina to win a World Cup title which they have longed for years last won during the golden era of Maradona.

For fans Messi is one perfect football god, a magician on the field and it is very much evident through the skills he pulls out of his sleeves the numerous goals he has plunged in through the net that has many a times helped Barcelona climb the ladders off a losing match. He is superbly perfect since he won numerous La Liga titles as well as the prestigious Champions League title in the past. The only vacant space over the Argentines shoulder has been the place for a silverware that he was unable to earn unfortunately when Messi’s World Cup winning dreams had shattered in 2014 owing to huge last minute loss to Germany in the World Cup finals. It brought in tears of the eyes of every fan including Messi who went down the podium crying before the World Cup he much desired.

His downfall in the international career continued when they lost to Chile twice in the Copa America finals which lead him to speak a statement which broke the heart of many. He had made up his mind to quit his international career with respect to the following defeats he and his team had to face in the past. Also because of some clashes inside the team and less acceptance from the Argentine fans he was tired of his career.

Although for now Barcelona had been out of the Champions League in the round 16 they now have a chance over winning the La Liga title. Once he is through with this he is well determined to prepare to win his country a World Cup title. All of this came in through the mouth of Puyol when he described how potent Messi was when it came to tough games.

When asked about what are the scope FIFA U-17 will propel in India he answered that, “India is like a young football country in that sense but it has been going growing rapidly. Indian fans are passionate and I am sure that the World Cup will generate something much, much bigger in India and then more people will get introduced to the game.”

He talked about the young talents which are emerging up in India and wants them to first set their play since football is a game where you can have great fun on the other hand he said India will become a great stage for huge upcoming generations in future.


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