‘Rahul Gandhi to be blamed for Debacle of Congress’

Rahul Gandhi congress

Debacle of Congress and role of Rahul Gandhi

In the recent Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, Goa, Manipur, Uttarakhand the performance of Congress has deteriorated  except in Punjab. Earlier also this happened that Congress could not get any seat in the Delhi assembly elections. Though Congress is visibly suffering due to lack of any visionary or charismatic leader, would it be justified to call Congress a Clan based Political Party. The recent results of various elections have clearly reflected that congress must reconsider its political strategy to save itself from vanishing from the political scenario. It started as the only party of nation with unanimous support from the people at large, however, lack of leadership is rusting the party. In 2016, Rahul Gandhi was made the party president, since then Congress’s condition deteriorated on the political front. Enumerated below are the reasons why Rahul Gandhi does not seem fit as the leader of the party.

He does not have much political experience. There are many leaders in the Congress Party which are far more experienced than Mr. Gandhi but were not given a chance as Mr. Gandhi holds the hereditary right on the top Party position.

He lacks the Charisma of a terrific leader: His speeches have never been able to attract masses. Even his speeches and debates in the Lok Sabha are not very impressive or conclusive. Further his political gimmicks to gain sympathy such as showing off a torn off Kurta by the Party President did not go well with the public.

He sets a wrong example:- His political leave from the house and a nap time in the running Lok Sabha does not make sense for anyone to look for a future prime minister of the country in him.

Mr. Gandhi should devise a futuristic roadmap where some concrete steps towards development be reflected. Since a leader is responsible for the success or failure of the team, after so many failures in his time, he must give a thought to save the party instead of satisfying his own self.  Further, after so many experiences, Congress must review it hierarchy and bring in some strong faces who can withstand the aura of an exceptional leader like Modi.   


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