Raj Babbar Exits Congress After a Defeat in Lok Sabha Elections

Raj babbar congress

The results for the recent Lok Sabha elections are out and they are not in the favor of one of the major political parties in India, the Indian National Congress. The Modi-led BJP triumphed over most of the political parties and now Congress leaders are owning up the blames for their failure, and piling up resignation letters at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s desk.

The first in the queue was Uttar Pradesh Congress chief and former actor Raj Babbar who took responsibility for the party’s poor performance in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Raj Babbar congratulated the winning party and expressed his disappointment and guilt over the failure of his party in Uttar Pradesh through his Twitter handle.

Uttar Pradesh is considered the biggest state for politics with the largest number of MP seats in the Lok Sabha. Out of those 80 seats, Congress won only one at the Rae Bareli constituency contested by Sonia Gandhi, while Raj Babbar lost at Fatehpur Sikri with a huge margin of 4,95,065 votes. BJP allied with Apna Dal (S) had triumphed over 64 seats while SP and BSP alliance managed to win 15 seats.

Even Congress leader and President Rahul Gandhi lost his traditional constituency Amethi to Smriti Irani by a margin of approximately 55 thousand votes. However, he luckily contested from another seat at Kerala’s Wayanad and had a massive win there. As per speculations, Rahul Gandhi is expected to resign from his duties at the meeting of Congress Working Committee tomorrow.

Following the resignation trend started by Raj Babbar, Congress’s Amethi unit chief Yogendra Mishra offered his resignation as well. Odisha Congress chief Niranjan Patnaik also relieved himself from his duties owing to moral responsibility for the dismissal of the party in the state of Odisha with just one Lok Sabha seat won.

Another resignation came from the Karnataka Congress campaign committee president HK Patil who submitted his resignation letter to Congress president Rahul Gandhi. He stated that it is his moral duty to own up the responsibility for his failure.

However, a final call is yet to be made to accept or reject this pile-up of resignation letters which might be made during the meeting of Congress Working Committee scheduled for Saturday. The factors behind the second consecutive defeat of Congress at national elections will also be discussed at the meeting to decide the future of once the ruling party.


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