Rakshabandhan: Importance of the Rakhi festival and the brother – sister bond


RakshaBandhan is a sacred festival of Hindu which symbolizes the brother and sister love. As the name refers Raksha means protection and Bandhan means bound or binding. On this occasion sister tied Rakhi around the wrist of their brother and pray to God that this Raksha Bandhan is symbol of our love and by the grace of God it will save her brothers from any kind of problems in life. While in return of that brother pledge to always give protection his sister and he also give her gifts.

The way we celebrate in this modern time is totally different from ancient era. Earlier this Raksha Sutra tied by the women to their husband so that they this can protect the life of their husband. It generally tied before any battle and war. Gradually this changed and women on the ancient time also tied Rakhi on their brother wrists and soon it becomes tradition. Raksha Bandhan is an old idea where rulers used to send Rakhi to their neighbourhood siblings as an indication of adoration and token of fellowship. Be that as it may, now the idea has completely changed in itself. Today what is watched generally is sisters tie Rakhi on their sibling/s wrist and appeal to God for their prosperity. The siblings guarantee protect by sparing her from high points and low points throughout her life.

Raksha Bandhan comes on the full moon day on the month of shravan according to Hindu Panchang (calendar). On this day sisters who are unmarried celebrate in their house with whole family and married sister visit to their parent’s house so that they can meet their brothers and celebrate the Rakhi Festival. We have seen that there are varieties of Rakhis available on the market and sweet is also purchased. Sisters pray for wellbeing and prosper life of brother while brother vows to take pledge that they will protect their sister in whole lifetime. Then the custom is gone ahead with tradition, aarti of the sibling, and after that blessings, embraces, guarantees, and enticing desserts. This celebration advances and fortifies the bond amongst bhaiya and behena.

The tying of a Rakhi is not bound to sibling. It could likewise as we said in ancient days Rakhi was tied by wife to her husband, or by a student to the Guru. This bond does not need to be between blood relatives – a young lady may receive a kid as her sibling through the tying of a Rakhi. This custom fortifies the power of profound devotion, as well as rises above the limits of the family. At the point when a Rakhi is tied on the wrists of dear companions and neighbours, it underscores the requirement for an amicable social life. So let us make our Raksha Bandhan celebration grand. Brother must buy a gift to their sister and also pledge to protect in her every situation of life. And sisters should buy an attractive Rakhi and pray for the prosperity of their brothers. This brother sister bond must be eternal.


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