Ranveer Singh’s Deep Secrets Revealed. Check Out

Ranveer Singh

One of the most Successful Actors of Bollywood, Ranveer Singh, has overshadowed the film industry with his high degree of acting skills. With every upcoming film, he surprises his fans with an entirely new character. Among the mystifying celebrities of tinsel town, Ranveer Singh is the heart. The star has the most interesting bag of secrets. Let’s have a look at his dark whisperings.

➮ Ranveer Singh Bhavnani; yes that’s the real name! shocked?

Like DevAnand, whose real name was Dharam Dev Pishorimal, Ranveer Singh also edited his screen name. The stereotype was that he removed Bhavnani from his name due to numerology. But that’s not true. The actor revealed “It’s too long, too many syllables. Ranveer ‘Singh’ is short, crisp and can stay in your memory easily. Ran-veer-Singh-Bhav-Nani is too long. It’s not a saleable commodity.” 

➮ Since his early childhood, Ranveer Singh was in love with acting. He disclosed that his motivation for taking a step into Bollywood came from early childhood when his grandmother introduced him to Amitabh Bachchan movies. After entering the glamour world as Bittu Sharma, the actor expressed his desire to be contemporary to RanbirKapoor. Well, today he is beyond his desires. RanbirKapoor’sex-girlfriend stands beside him as his wife.

➮ Before signing Aditya Chopra’s script, Ranveer Singh rejected three offers even though he was not a popular actor. But, not many people know that Ranveer Singh was not the first choice for Band Baaja Baaraat (2010). Guess who was the first pick? It’s the one whom Ranveer Singh idolized. Yes!!! Ranbir Kapoor.

Band Baaja Baaraat


➮ In the movie which gave film industry one of the most energetic and expressive actor ever (Band Baaja Baaraat), both the stars (Ranveer and Anushka) were not much known to people. While shooting for the film in Delhi, the crowd gathered thinking it was Ranbir Kapoor. The cops appointed to secure the film set complained that they had to stand there in the cold even when the stars were unknown. Ranveer revealed in an interview, “When we were shooting in the DDA market in Delhi, there was a huge crowd gathered to see the shoot. And there was a liquor store there. It was situated in such a place, that the crew was blocking its way. After some time, the owner came up and said I have lost so much money because of you! What the hell are you doing? My business is going down! Everyone was trying to control him. The direction team tried to plead to say, we are just going, we are just about to finish. But he was not budging. Then I went up to him, and said, “Please sir, meripehli film hai”. And I don’t know what got into him. He suddenly melted! And said: “Oh bhai, tuney kya baat kehdi. Abtu shooting kar! Saariraat shooting kar!”

➮ Being the first-ever solo star launched by Yash Raj Films, Ranveer Singh cried in the corner when he received the project. Aditya Chopra said “You’re not the most good looking guy. You have to do some good acting if you want people to like you.”

Gully Boy

➮ The Gully Boy star has always been power-packed and spread positive vibes. His back to back blockbusters has made him favorite to the entire nation. But the best part of the actor is his attitude towards his fans. There is no doubt that Ranveer Singh has a separate and the craziest fan base in India, not only due to his acting skills but also due to his indulgence in entertaining acts with his fans which leaves them asking for more.

➮ While shooting for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’Padmavati, the actor locked himself in isolation to get into the skin of AlauddinKhilji. He was highly praised for his dedication to the project. However, Ranveer Singh submerged himself so much into his reel character that his real-life started getting affected; like behaving violently with media. In an interview, Ranveer Singh stated “playing the role of Khilji was the most traumatic part of my life”.  His intensifying behavioral problems landed him to psychiatric treatments.

➮ What makes a man desirable? Desirability essentially means wanted. Though every year a new face comes up for the list of ‘Most Desirable Man of the Year’ but Ranveer Singh managed to top the list second time in 2017. When questioned what makes Ranveer most desired, he answered “I can’t really say, but I guess it’s the fact that I have a distinctive personality. It could be a combination of many things. It’s the persona, aura and energy of a person. I think an attractive person Exudes a certain vibe, which people can’t really put their finger on. They can try and analyze that person’s appeal, but it’s really some kind of inexplicable quality. An indescribable ‘X factor’ I guess.”

➮ Mama’s Boy Ranveer Singh didn’t want his mom to watch Bajirao Matani. But why?

The Bollywood actor’s mother reportedly hates the fact that her son dies in most of his films. Be it Gunday, Lootera or Bajirao Mastani, he dies in the climax. The only reason why AnjuBhavnanai insisted on watching the flick was the fact that Deepika Padukone was acting as Ranveer’s love interest. But soon after the film ended, she went numb and hugged Ranveer for half an hour.

➮ Ranveer and Deepika tied a knot in Italy and the couple shifted to Deepika’s house after the wedding. What’s the reason behind setting a new trend? The alluring answer which Ranveer gave was “I’ve grown up seeing a marriage where the attitude is to make it work regardless of anything. A marriage is a commitment, out is not an option. The most sensible and convenient thing was for me to move into her set-up. She is comfortable there and I don’t want to displace her. I always try to give her priority”. Not wanting to displace his wife!!!! Well, Ranveer Singh is setting tough couple goals for grooms-to-be. It’s not gonna be easy to beat him, boys.


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