Reasons Why FRIENDS is The Best Sitcom Ever.

Why you should watch Friends


  1. Real life situations

In F.R.I.E.N.D.S, you will see all the characters struggling either with their careers or with their love lives, or simultaneously with both the problems. The show is so relatable and teaches you life lessons.

  1. Their jokes are timeless

Even if you watch the same episode 10 times you will still laugh on it again and again. No matter old you get, and no matter how old those jokes get, you will still crack those jokes every time.

  1. A friend from your group can identify with any character.

We all have that one friend in our life, who is, as hot as Rachel, as dumb as Joey, as organized about planning as Monica, as witty as Phoebe, and of course, someone who know-it-all like Ross.

  1. Easy to pick up from the middle

This is the best thing about friends. You don’t have to watch the full series in sequence. One can even start watching it from the middle. Even when you don’t know anything about the character then also you will think it’s funny.

  1. It teaches you the best of friendship

The show reminds you that you should always count on your friends and you should always be there for them too.

  1. Makes you believe in love

The series of FRIENDS will make you believe in love and will make you realise that there’s a soul mate for everyone. You just have to wait for that special someone.

  1. 90’s culture is fun to watch

Those fashions are so fun to relive. All the outfits and hairstyles in the show are from the ’90s. The show has inspired the 90’s fashion.

  1. You will start relating each character to you

There would be a time when looking at one character will make you say ‘This Is So Me’. It is because the story is realistic and you will relate it to your personal life.

  1. Dialogues You Can’t Get Rid Of

The dialogues in the show are ultimate. Some of the dialogues became so famous that they are on everyone tips, ‘We were on a break!’ ‘Hi.’

  1. Gives faith, that eventually we all will have a happy ending

The show has the best happy ending anyone could ever ask for. The show may have ended, but the legacy of F.R.I.E.N.D.S will always remain.


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