Reasons Why You Need Brownies in Life


Brownies are the brownie points from God to us. There is nothing a brownie cannot solve. A bad day can turn into a magical day in no time if you have brownies on the table. There are a number of desserts that are to die for but what really takes the cake are the brownies.

Look at some of the reasons why you need brownies in this life :

1. For Fixing Those Blues

Be it any day, you got to scarf down those scrumptious looking brownies in order to drive away those blues. Yes, not just Monday blues but will carry you through the entire week. So, brownies, please!!

2. No Bake Sales

Your bake sales won’t be sales without brownies. You ought to have brownies with nuts and extra chocolate on top of it to make it big. Mere cupcakes and pies won’t do, man! So indulge in brownies.

3. Fit For Mischief

If you want to ride high on brownies with friends or on your own Pat, just add some alcohol to the brownies and say cheers. Nothing bets the mischief filled with booze, brownies and boom. So bang with the brownies.

4. Occasional Pleasures

A freezing mug of milk with a tasty brownie can work wonders. It is no less than a comfort food for everyone, no? So, pigging out on brownies gives us inner pleasure.

5. Satisfy Sugar Cravings

What better than brownies to satiate your taste buds when you need a sugary fix. Well, you  will forget whispering sweet -nothings in your partner’s ear but not binging on the brownies that taste heavenly. They come in different shapes and sizes after all.

6. Just for yourself

People can have brownies at any time of the day without any reason. We don’t need occasions to chill, right? All we want is to bask in the taste and glory of brownie that lifts our spirits.

7. For Cupcakes

It would be a frosting on the cake if brownies are added to the cupcakes. It won’t be an exaggeration if we call it heaven on earth. The way it will met into our mouth would be just out of this world!

8. For Shakes

Brownies are perfect for lazy bums. For all the lazy souls, brownies come to rescue. Blending brownies with milk and ice-cream will give you a toothsome, delicious and soul-satisfying shake which will definitely shake you!

9. Cut The Starch

You give a wide berth to manners and formality when it comes to brownie. Who would want to get into the complexities of etiquettes when you have brownie before your eyes? Not me, at least.

10. Homely look

The layers and cracked parts of a brownie gives you a homely feel. You can have brownies either at your home watching television or go out with friends and family. The place hardly matters because the look of the brownie in itself exudes mumsy vibes.

We never said no to brownies, and we will never say no to brownies ever. Brownies for ever!


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