Relationship: A Different Viewpoint

Relationship- A different Viewpoint
Relationship difficulties

Girls are difficult to understand. They have mood swings but still can be easily categorized into the following 3 types: –

  • Muddled:  They form opinions based on what others think about them. They treat their boyfriend as a trophy which they can show off in public and after sometime they will throw that trophy saying it is of no value to them.
  • Pusillanimous quitter: They lack determination. Even if they like someone they give up too easily thinking they don’t have any future together and if they get into a relationship after every fight all they have to say is “Lets end this” or “I don’t think I will be able to do this”.
  • Dauntless warrior: They hold a firm opinion about everything in life. They know every part of it as if they have planned everything out. Nothing is accidental for them. If they get into a relationship, they will try their best to make it work.

Guys on the contrary are impossible to understand. The moment you will think that they belong to any one of the above segment they will switch to the other in no time. At first when a guy is single, he acts as “Dauntless warrior”. He will chase you down (Similar to that VODAFONE dog in the telephone advertisement). If you say “No” (to the relationship), at first he will pretend as if he understands all your points and hence agrees to the friend zone, but (hello!!! as I mentioned he is a Dauntless warrior) actually he doesn’t. For him either it’s a YES ZONE or a PSYCHO ZONE, no other zone exists. After months of speculations and cold war, you finally think that he is not as BAD as the OTHER GUYS (probably he can handle all your mood swings and still act like a gentleman) so you say yes to him (the happiest moment of your life where you take the first step of ending your own happiness).

  • Things run smooth for a month (max). By now since you were too much involved (in all the yes, no, maybe) with him, you don’t even realize but you are left with literally NO friends (out of 24hrs, you have been talking with him for like 6-7hrs that eventually goes up to 16hrs including calls and texting). Moreover, you feel it’s your responsibility to make him feel special (like he is the only one).
  • Disclaimer: He never asked you to make him feel special (because no one has ever done that). Respect, Care are alienated terms for him. Still you shower him with all your attention, care and respect (which he basically doesn’t deserve) yet you do it because you are such a nuisance.IT TAKES 21 DAYS OF HEALTHY EATING AND WORKING OUT AND IT WILL BECOME A HABIT”He has become a habit. Life looks like a fairytale – similar to the ones you have been reading since childhood. He is your prince charming and you – his beautiful princess (your father have been treating you like one and so expecting same from him doesn’t seems like any sort of crime).  

                                                “WOMEN WANT LOVE TO BE A NOVEL.  MEN, SHORT STORY.”

  • But now the chase is over my friend and so is the fun. You thought your love story to be like the one mentioned in Nicolas Sparks “The Notebook”, but you soon realize it was nothing more than a piece from Junot Diaz’s “This is how you lose her”.   He is not the “Dauntless warrior”, you thought he was. You are disappointed and you try to fit him into any other segment, but sorry he is none. The time and happiness graph, which you once thought was a straight line has now turned into a normal curve. Now he has important stuff to do – like playing cricket with his besties (whom you never heard off in past 6 months), going to gym (when was the last time you ever went to the gym). You feel left out, ignored and irritated. You try to analyze what went wrong? You try to confront that things are not going well between you guys, and he needs to put more time into this relationship (the same RELATIONSHIP, he was so eager to get into).
  •  Sorry but he can’t give you his time. By now you are his slave (unconsciously you have become one) and you should act like one. Your only duty is to obey, not contravene. You cannot DEMAND, just SUPPLY. He never signed for the – “I am a gentleman, and I will act like one” agreement. You were a fool who said yes to him. So you decide to breakup, as it’s the only solution you think might make your life a little better.



  • How could you even think about that? He will say sorry, and will ask for another chance and then another chance. It’s a never ending loop and you are struck in it.  



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