Reliance Jio Fiber Plans: Everything You Need To Know

Reliance Jio Fiber Plans

The most-awaited FTTH services of Reliance are finally available as the company, on September 5, announced all the plans and offers. In an earlier article, Flypped told you that Mukesh Ambani, the director of Reliancehad announced the Jio Fiber Plan in the Annual General Meeting (August 12) of Reliance LTD. The declaration of extending the fastest broadband + DTH Services +Free HD TV + Free Set Top Box + Free Voice and Video Calls + OTT Content and many more at the lowest price has heightened our interest.

We were initially aware that the company would offer different plans, and everyone was making speculations about these offers, but yesterday, the company finally shared all the details about the welcome offer. So, before moving forward, Lets us have a look at the benefits of all these plans.

Benefits of Jio Fiber Plan

Reliance Jio Fiber has rolled out yesterday and declared six different plans which spring from Rs 699 to Rs 8,499 per month. The offers are named Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum and Titanium. There are some primary services and features which are common in all these packs, and the basic services you would get after enrolling in any of the above plans are Jio Fiber STB, Free Voice Calls/Conference, TV Video Calling, Gaming, Home Networking, and connectivity to five devices, and high-speed data for 30 days.

Long Term Plans – The Company has offered different one-month plans, but you can also opt for long term plans for 3 to 12 months. You don’t need to pay the entire amount together as the company has offered the EMI Schemes for the yearly plans.

Let us now look at Jio Fiber Plans, Charges, and benefits.


It is the most valuable plan where you will get 1 GBPS Broadband Speed at 8,499 per month. The highlight of Titanium plan is the 43-inch 4K TV which you will get for free after registering for the Titanium Pack. Apart from the free TV, you will get the Jio Set Top Box (STB), unlimited internet for 30 days with 1GBPS Speed + free voice and TV video calls in India. The most attractive benefit of this plan is that you can enjoy the theatre-like experience with the VR headset. You will also get to watch the First Day-First Show of new movies.


The platinum plan offers the 1 GBPS Broadband speed at 3,999 per month. The highlight of the Platinum plan is the freen32-inch HD. Apart from the free TV, you will get the Jio STB, unlimited internet for 30 days with 1GBPS Speed + Free Voice and TV Video Calls anywhere in India. In the Platinum plan too, you get to enjoy the theatre-like experience with the VR headset. You will get to watch the First Day-First Show of movies on their TV in this pack as well. The only difference between the Titanium and Platinum is the quality of the size and quality of theTV.


You get a reduced Broadband speed (500 MBPS) in the Diamond pack which costs Rs 2.499 per month. Another difference between the Platinum and Diamond pack is the size of the TV.  In the diamond pack, which is cheaper than the above two, you get a 24-inch HD TV free of cost. Apart from the free TV, you will get the Jio STB, unlimited internet for 30 days with 500 MBPS Speed, Free Voice and TV Video Calls anywhere in India. The diamond plan also offers the theatre-like experience with the VR headset. You will get to watch the First Day-First Show of movies on their launch date apart from the facilities like home networking and multiple device connectivity.


For the Gold package, you would have to pay Rs 1,299 per month and get the speed of 250 MBPS

You do get a Free HD TV in the gold package, but it would be 24-inch only. The Jio STB, Unlimited Internet for 30 days with 250 MBPS Speed, Free Voice and TV video calls is common in all the packs. You would not miss the theatre-like experience in the Gold Pack. You can connect the router with five devices in each pack, and the content sharing option at home and outside remains one of the benefits of Jio Fiber Plan.


The silver plan starts from Rs 849, and you get unlimited internet for 30 days. The speed will be 100 MBPS, which is the minimum when compared to the other plans of Jio Fiber. The primary facilities including the free voice, video and conference call, home networking, and multiple device connectivity will be available in the Silver plan. The freebie you will get in the Silver Pack is the 212W Speakers.


The bronze pack is the cheapest as it offers unlimited data with the speed of 100MPBS at Rs 699 per month. You will get high-speed data for 30 days. You will get the Free TV Video Calling along with voice calling. The bronze pack offers the best gaming experience. You can share the content at home and outside, and connect five devices with the router, just like all other packages. The Muse 6W Speakers becomes the highlight of the Gold Pack.


In the welcome offer, Jio has announced to extend the Jio Home Gateway (Rs 5,000) + Jio 4K Set Top Box (6,400) for free along with the 3 months subscription of Jio Cinema, Jio Saavn, Jio TV, and an annual subscription of OTT Apps. You will get these services with all the packs you choose from the above options.

How to enroll with Jio Fiber?

If you are interested in the Jio Fiber Plan, then you have to apply for the Jio Fiber broadband connection at its website. The process of applying is simple, and you don’t have to struggle for it. The process is online, and you only have to visit the website and enroll with the services after providing your email, phone number, and address. The company will contact you and send their executives to your place.

Reliance acknowledged the fact that the customers had to struggle to get the JIO SIM, and therefore have made this process straightforward.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and all of JioFiber has been designed with the sole purpose of giving you a delightful experience. The launch of Jio Fiber, with its revolutionary services is just the beginning of a new and exciting journey.”Akash Ambani”


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