Revealing the truth: Karan Johar’s House Party Controversy

Karan Johar’s house party

Bollywood’s coolest director and filmmaker Karan Johar recently caught in trouble after sharing a video on his Instagram account. The video was captioned, “Saturday night vibes.” Apart from films, Karan is famous for hosting the coolest parties of B-Town, and fans eagerly wait to see off-screen avatars of their favorite stars. But, sharing the video this time has backfired him.

Everything was going well and fans were appreciating how these superstars were looking and enjoying an off from their ever-busy schedule until an MLA Manjinder S. Sirsa from AKALI DAL commented and raised questions on their behavior. Manjinder shared the videos of Karan Johar’s house party and captioned it as #UDTABollywood. He alleged it was a drug party and highlighted a white substance which is clearly visible in the video.

He has captioned celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Vicky Kaushal, Varun Dhawan, Shahid Kapoor, etc. and has raised his voice against it. Neither celebrities nor the host Karan Johar has yet responded to his allegations, but a politician Milind Deora has replied to his blames. Milind call all these accusations false and imaginary and there was no such thing as drug. According to Milind, his wife was present at Karan Johar’s house party and the white object Sirsa has highlighted is actually a light which is flashing near Vicky Kaushal.

Though we can’t take sides and everyone has the right to offer their opinion, but Karan would not have shared the video if all these accusations were true. People have different opinions about the incident, while some rigid ones seems to believe what this Akali Dal MLA is saying, most of them are mocking him for spreading rumors.


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